ear disease

    I have pain in my ear and swaling too?

    is it hear peace

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    We are not doctors here.Sounds like an ear infection, see a doctor as you may need medication.

    which part of the ear hurts the outer portion ot the inner there any type of foul odor or discharge?  if yes, you need to seek medical attention STAT-- you probably have an inner ear infection. treatable w/ Antibiotics and ibuprofen in most cases.  if not, have you been swimming lately? if yes, its probably swimmers ear. you need to wear ear plugs when you swim so water doesnt get trapped down in the inner ear canal-- did you stick a q tip too far down your ear-- be careful the cotton on the cheap qtips falls of the stick easily and can get stuck if you arent paying attention.    and lastly, ??swaling???? do you mean swelling?  where? i'm assuming you're referring to the outer portion-->the lobe or cartilage.  Swelling associated with the lobe or cartilage can be indicative of infection--like for ex a cut or laceration that hasnt had proper first aid, or a newly pierced ear that didnt heal properly.  either way- the bottom line is you need to keep all boo-boos clean.  wash 3-4 times/day w/ antibacterial soap. then apply OTC hydrogen peroxide (the more it stings = the more bacteria present).  lastly apply neopsorin-or any other antibiotic cream .   d0 this immediately following ANY MINOR CUTS, SCRAPES, SCRATCHES, and 9 times out of 10 your boo-boo will heal without complications

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