FRANCE please get your act together

    did you know that driving in France you have to carry two breatherlizers two florecent jackets two triangles in your car and this only applies to foringers and all products have to be French approved!!!!! 



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    I just have to wonder if having these things really means people will use them.

    Ed1530 I think we could do with out the breathalizers thanks xxx

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    This law applies to all drivers in France, not just foreigners. The road deaths in France are dreadful, so the government is doing what it needs to reduce this. Incidentally a GPS which warns you of a fixed speed trap is now illegal, and a radar detector likewise.

    There is something in the French character which makes them always want to be in front, but the standard of driving is improving as a result of the legislation. Incidentally you can buy the full safety kit, jacket, triangle, alcotest for about 15€, hardly a big deal.


    nomdeplume yes I agree the death toll is high yes I do think it is a good idea but I cant see why any responceble person should have to buy the breatherlizers and the goods from France and not in where you come from we are all trying to support our own countrys well I am thank you for the interesting facts xxx

    Meland..., OK buy the kit where you live, but it has to comply with French legislation. If you come as a tourist, any hire car will have the safety kit as standard.

    Nomdeplume good idea thanks xx

    Actually MEL, i think this is a good idea to reduce injuries and death on the road, In a two week period in OZ two good samaritans in separate incidences were mown down by cars at night trying to slow down cars at an accident, but they were not wearing florescent saftey vest, which may have saved their lives.---- it is  a revenue raiser  but it is only a one off cost. --- it should be adopted world wide.


    bulletman my concern is that you have to buy all this stuff from France not in your country I do belive it is a good thing but I dont like being dictaded to by the French goverment any respoceble person traverling from the UK for instance shurley would carry most of these things though I dont belive we should carry two breatherlizers with us thanks xxxx

    In southern California has some of the nicest weather in the world but you must carry snow chains in your car at all times.


    Ed1530 Ed oh wow thats really weired its like asking Alasca to carry sunburn creame haha xxx

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