Well done America in one of your States you have banned Foir Grai

    I Wish we would follow

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    Mel, please don't tell me this is practiced in the U.K. as well.

    bulletman I am afraid it is how I wish it would stop it is sooo cruel in what they do thanks for the comment xxxx

    I can tell you I never had or wanted duck liver also I never even seen it for sale and I do allot of shopping. However, I guess the fancy restaurants get it some way and I hope they get from people who take care of their animals in a human way. I know many years back it was veal, that the people had a problems with because they forced feed the baby calf. Today I do not think people even know what real veal is and I have no problem with that.

    Ed1530 well done xxxx

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    "" Lets all follow at last I have been campaining for years on this


    hector5559 how true is that oh how I wish xxx

    Great start now if we could just ban the politicians who are in favor of this barbaric practice.


    deren Oh how I wish for that you are so right its barbaric lets hope everyone now follows the USA well done again xxx

    I check it out on the net Mel, as i hav'nt heard of Foie Gras, i couldn't believe the U.S. were capable of this, you can expect barberous, cruelty from France, but not the U.S,"" let's hope the other states follow California's lead,


    You have no idea the cruelty that goes in in commercial farming in the US.We are in line with china when it comes to animals. It is absolutely disgusting.

    You have no idea the cruelty that goes in in commercial farming in the US.We are in line with china when it comes to animals. It is absolutely disgusting.

    I'm a bit of an "ostrich" when it comes to this, Ann, for the simple fact that, each time there is a report on tv, I have to switch the channel because it just upsets me so much. Even just typing and thinking about it is tough. :(

    bulletman yes I have seen it many times I refuse to watch it now as I am older it just makes my blood pressure go up but its good for people to watch it if they dont know whats going on thanks and as I said before the UK has being doing it for years thanks xxx

    It upsets me so much, that I am useless for days, sometimes weeks. I cant watch anything about animal cruelty any more

    Thank you mel for pointing this out. and thank you California. Why and when have we become so barbaric and insensitive to the suffering of animals? Foir Gras has been banned in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Finland, Italy Luxembourg, Netherland, Norway, Poland, So. Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and Israel. We have a long way to go in the US. Now I also wonder what happend to the beautiful male Mallard ducks that I had on my beach for month. There are 18 females now and no more males. My imagination is running away with me and I hope they are alright somewhere else.I am so worried.about them. 


    Thank you Ann for having soooo much knowledge I hat what they do as I said I have been campainging for years on this lets hope we all copy you xxx

    The more people are aware of this, the better. I am sure many people ate duck liver, but have no idea how it is obtained. Please, everyone, stop this cruel practice, by not eating duck liver. The ducks will thank you! xxx

    Ann here here keep up the knowledge you have and pass it on xxxx

    Mel, the practise of making foie gras is totally barbaric.

    Good on ya for campaigning. Let's hope more people

    realize this is cruelty. I wish Spain would stop their

    national pastime of bullfighting. That is also horrific.


    Quite agree, Dar, just as bad as shooting ducks and harmless deer.

    Not that I ever ate the stuff anyway but I was totally shocked when I heard about this practise years ago. I don't agree with hunting either, Bulletman. I won't eat veal or lamb. We can be so cruel to animals, sometimes.

    Dardaigh thank you I wish the queens army would also stop killing bears for their busbys (HATS) another thing I have been campaigning for years too these poor crearures how horrible we are thanks xxx

    What did the duck liver say to the chicken liver? You didn't duck either :)



    ed1530 thanks xxx

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