my skin is so oily n dull n also pimple effected how can i solve these problems n get glowing skin?

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    Have you heard about pro active skin care ? I have heard good reports about it.

    Stay out of McDonalds. Go to the doctor. Drink water. Stay clean.

    It may be due to your age and hormonal changes at adolescence. Follow advice above and try a vegetarian diet.    TRY THIS...........FROM MY EXPERIENCE...U WILL GET A BEST RESULTS VERY SOON [use 0.025% of w/w ]


    egg whites dry up pimples and make them go away. I had pimples until i was past 40 !  Wish I had known about egg whites when I was young. I had quite a few pimples when I was only 12. That's b/c I had an oily skin, but I don't anymore.However,an oily complexion keeps wrinkles away  :-)

    i got the same problem but im clear now because u take alchole rub and rub it on ur pimples and then take neosporne and put it only on ur pimples the neo will help because ur pimples r like cuts filled with dirt so it will lift all the dirt out of ur pors

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