I want to put a Hyphen mark in my name. For example, First name......Maiden Name-Married Name. Does anyone know if you need to have this done in the court system and do I need to get a new SS Card and a new drivers license? Thanks Also does this cost much?

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    I almost did this- but my 2 last names together were way too long hyphenated for most computers... You can insist, without court, that your middle/maiden name (if your maiden name is your middle name now) be spelled out on everything- and you can refer to yourself using both names.  All but 1 credit card co. has honored this request.  Of couse, now, I'm going to change everything again- but that is due to divorce.

    It must be done before a court. To find out all that is required, using your search engine, search for "name change"+"your location"; this varies a great deal from place to place. You should be directed to sites for your state. There you will find out what you need to know. 

    In addition to what Colleen mentioned above, most name changes require that it be published in the newspaper as well.  This is to ensure that a person is not changing his name just to do something illegal.


    I`VE spent YEARS trying to get rid of mine...keep things simple...takes so long to sign anything!!LOL!..good luck!

    Of course

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