Is it legal to make a appeal to the public for money to pay for shelter, food, etc.? Do you need to set up a website? I am following the Zimmerman case in Florida and he did just that through Paypal. My question is if this person who is charged with second degree murder can ask for donations from strangers (he received app. 130.000 from the public) Can you or I do the same thing? P.S. without being charged with a felony LOL Thanks so much.

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    Yes. You can create an online plea for assistance. You can not do it here however. Sorry and good luck!

    If you haven't already set up a website, do so. You don't need to have one, any blogging site will do. Once you have your designated site up...

    Log into and sign up for an account with them. To be able to receive any funds, you must be verified. To get verified, all you have to do is link the PayPal account with you're primary bank. ie: Bank of America, Chase, Compass.

    Once your account is active and verified, you must click on Merchant Services to create your donate button. The link should be in the "Create Buttons" section. Click on "Donate" link and follow the directions paypal provides.

    Now that you have the code for you Paypal Donation Button. All you have to do is Copy and Paste the code to your website or blog, and you there you have it. Not only can you receive money from family and friends, but you could potentially receive donations from people across the world via your website/blog.

    Read more: How to Receive Donations Online |


    Thanks Colleen, Great answer to a question that has been "bugging" me ever since I started to get involved in this sad case. My personal rating for you is A+++++++++++++++++ LOL Fran

    It's legal as long as your appeal is truthful; if not, it can be construed as fraud.

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