The USA will celebrate Independence Day next Wednesday, July 4.  It is our 236th anniversary.  Americans: How will you acknowledge the day?
    Other Friends: When is YOUR Independence Day and how do you celebrate?
    P.S.  Be safe and have a good one. 

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    Spirit-wise, this is how I would acknowledge my Independence Day, and so should every American citizen:


    Thank you for your question!

    Last year I drank a fifth on the forth and woke up on the sixth this year I'm going to take it down a notch and stick with a pint.....


    No lobster?

    Oh yea..of course!!


    Your lucky you body didn’t do the math. A fifth on the forth means you should have awoke on the ninth (Kidding)

    July 4th…..Ice tea, lawn chair, sitting in a breeze way, watching chickens catching grass hoppers, and listening to the wind in gratitude to God for another lovely day.  


    sounds wonderful!

    This is how > 

    I will be a patriot (have already started) and remind people what the USA is suppose to stand for and what it should fight against.  We broke away from England to remove ourselves from the rule of kings (and queens) from absolute rule without representation only to end up in 2012 with King Obama on the "White house throne".  We vote for our leaders here. They do not just ascend to the "throne".  We can vote tyrannical leaders out too. Remove this man from office before we find ourselves living pre-independence day!


    I admire your stand on this

    I have been a republian Australian for many,many years.Like lambshank I also admire your stand.Have a great Indepenance Day Colleen.

    Tommyh,sort of makes you wish she was an Aussie eh? Colleen may even join me on some of my many campaigns on "right to the night" etc etc

    Hector, read what I said. I was speaking of the USA's fight to gain independence from the rule of the English sovereignty back when this country belonged to England. I know that the Queen does not rule today. I'm not stupid you know.

    Lambshank...She is an honorary Aussie.I inducted her & several others about a year ago about the same time as the "Cereal Killers" club was formed.

    "cereal killers club" oh my,what have I missed??

    Special K with strawberries!!!

    I like being an honorary Aussie :) G'day mate! That's about it, that's the extent of my "Aussie speak" lol

    My Canada speak is more pathetic, 'eh << that's about it :)

    D'ya like Special K Lamby?

    yep, but not quite as much as porridge,does sound great with strawberries though

    Colleen, add " geez" and you'd be a total Aussie,geez meaning that your generally interested in something someone is talking about

    geez, *yawn*..........should I remove the yawn? <grin>

    I couldn't have said it better! You ROCK!

    I'll make sure my grandchildren know what we'll be celebrating.

    We don't have Independence day,though we celebrate Australia day, the founding of this great land,the local Aboriginals call it "invasion" day and generally make a nuisance of themselves (mind you they don't just save that for special occasions) they get inebriated, abusive and totally disrespectful ,forgetting or being too ignorant to realize that they would have been invaded by the Japanese if not for our forces defending and dying for this land,being Aboriginal means to me excelling in all ways of rorting the system,blatant discrimination supported by our government,they are a law unto themselves,I was forced (yes literally) to do a course in "working with Aboriginals"  (I did tell the department it was a waste of money,there are no "working ones) they don't need to with all the benefits they receive, I think they should learn how to be proud Australians........O.K ,off my soapbox, and hope you all enjoy Independence day

    The usual, barbeque, lots of people and fireworks. To everyone: Happy Independence Day!

    ""Ms Bob, you are getting a little head of yourself, Independance Day is not until next Wednesday. no doubt i will see plenty of the Star Spangled Banner in the city on the way to work in honour of the U.S. --- HAPPY INDEPENDENCE  DAY! :)


    Driving home from my cousin's, there were electronic signs alerting drivers to the fact that traffic was going to be really slow on I-5 due to holiday traffic (Friday, June 29). Some people are taking a week off for this holiday.

    Ms Bob , our countries are so much alike in many ways, when it comes to a Public/National hoilday.

    It is sometimes hard for me to remember so many of you are Aussies. You are like next-door neighbors!
    I was unpacking some things I've had in storage and I found maps of Australia and South Africa. I think they were my dad's from WWII. Very cool.

    bbq, fireworks, my sons birthday party. he`ll be 27. good time coming. happy independance day all !!!

    This year I will be at a Military Fort with one of the bands I manage....thanking our Troops for keeping us Free, listening to good music, getting drenched in the typical 4pm thunderstorm, and watching the fireworks....trying to survive the weather until then.

    Since the Patriot Act and a few other acts that steal our Liberty, I don't think I can celebrate. Not till we get this country back on tract. I love this country, but we have allowed evil men to run her in the ground. I won't celebrate that. We have lost our freedom.


    Hear, hear!

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