we have been dating for 5 mths...and all i know about him is that he love vidio games and his favorite color is dark green...i rhink im in love but i dont know with who, bec/ i dont know him that well, should i break it off with him or should we stay togeather?

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    What else does he like to do besides play video games?  What have you been doing together on your "dates"?  How often are you together?  What do you talk about when you ARE together.  Surely after five months, you should know more than you say here.  What makes you think that you can be "in love" with someone that you hardly know?


    bec/ whn im around him its like we are the only 2 people who exsist...he likes hanging out with his friends...we are together about every other week...we go out to eat go to movies...

    Well gracie, just like you can't talk during video games, you also can't talk during movies. He sounds like a person who would be called a casual friend. I hope that you don't think it's love "because he's cute or wears nice jeans" or some other insignificant reason. Date others during the two weeks that you don't see him. He's just a friend.

    but we do talk thu the movie about the movie and we do talk thu his vidio game playing not about the vidio games but still we do talk

    Then please don't sit behind ME!!!

    we make sure to sit away fom all or just go to an unpopular movie :)

    You are a funny one gracelost! With your great personality, don't get tangled up with "just one" until you are older. Be patient and involved in life. He will be there within the activities that you love and...he will notice you! :)

    Get to know him better and then decide


    Think about why you know so ltttle about

    him after five months.


    Start buying him dark green stuff and vids.

    No, seriously Grace, only you can decide

    if this guy is real boyfriend material but I

    hope he's spending more time with you than

    playing videos.



    he is my boyfriend...he plays a lot of vidio games ..too many...

    What makes him your boyfriend?  Is this something mutual? What does he do for you? What are you willing to do for him?


    he asked me to be his girlfriend, we dont really do athing for each other...but thats really because i dont ask for anything and nither does he

    Doesn't sound like "fiend" material to me......

    thank you :)

    Good luck. And the right one will come along when you least expect it......

    yeah :) im only 15 ive got plenty of time :)

    So glad you KNOW that..........

    That dosen't sound good but if he really loves video games, he must be young, like 14 maybe?


    yeah...i am a year older than did you know?

    I got it like dat! :D :D

    The way I see it, five months are enough time to get to know someone, at list someone with whom you share enough similarities, and therefore I think you two are not made for each other.
    You might be in love with him but it wont last long, since strong and lasting relationship also depends on commonalities of those involved in it.


    wow..thank you

    know him better n keep a lil distance till u do it


    Dark green and video games:  I surmised, from reading your question, is that he spends 99.99% of the time playing video games instead of talking to you.  Did he go to college?  Does he take you to eat any where?  Does he look at your face?  Does he touch you? 

    When you say you go out on a date, is it the video game parlor you two go to every time?  That's NOT considered a date.  He's just going to his office.

    Learn some more about him and make sure your "in love" is not just infatuation!  You may LOVE that he is cute, his vocabulary, or that he is fun or that he merely gives you the attention that you have been craving for. BUT BEFORE you go "CRAZY", like giving him money, or sharing bills with him, etc..find out WHO he really is. Find out is he a man or a boy. Find out how he acts when he gets angry. Find out what he thinks about you. THEN, you can find out if you have lasting love, or just temporal love or infatuation! HUGS to you.

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