how to remove lock cylinder in 1999 bravada

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    Apparently all cylinders remove the same way. You may need to go to the auto parts store for a special tool for the tamper proof screws (just a guess). 

    Electrical Feed
    The ignition lock cylinder receives power via the car battery. To replace the ignition lock cylinder, the operator must use an adjustable wrench to remove the cable connected to the battery's negative terminal.

    Hardware Removal
    The operator must remove the trim panels around the steering wheel to gain access to the ignition lock cylinder. The cylinder typically contains tamper proof screws to deter theft, which must then be removed in order to withdraw the damaged cylinder.

    Cylinder Replacement
    Once the operator removes the tamper proof hardware, he may pull out the ignition lock assembly. The faulty cylinder is then detached from the lock assembly, and a new cylinder is connected to the lock assembly. The operator can then replace the lock assembly, reattach the hardware and replace the steering wheel trim panels.

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