How do you feel about the new carbon tax

    The power costs are soaring,groceries up, inflation running at (approx) 3.5% and we have been waiting for a pay increase of 2.5% it doesn't add up, yet the pollies gave themselves a nice big pay rise,what are your thoughts,also the re visiting of "workchoice"

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    I think its a great idea :) sorry to be on the other side but I see manufacturing industries struggle in the mining boom they have done so for over 11 years, regular people whom work a hard day work and take home low wages and on top of that wondering where their job security is.

    I would not support this tax if the mining industries still used on shore manufacturing but they don't its all about the dollar.

    The power prices are already through the roof here in Australia and I can see this being a flow on effect, but if it is regualted the payments the government give us should cover this cost rise.

    Work choices only worked for people with the ability to confront there bosses asking for a pay rise , places like spotlight didnt enjoy getting $5.94 an hour.

    It really gave no choices to the worker but more rights for the bosses...

    Thing was we couldn't use the work choice policy on our Pollies.. so it doesn't really work for average Australia....

    Inflation is rising like a no tomorrow I support ,myself on a disability pension so I do feel the costs , so much I don't use my heater during the day at all .. maybe 2 hours a night.


    I can see how people are all scared about this tax as we were of the G.S.T. tax , we have survived it, us Aussie battlers will get through anything..



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