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    Schmeusser Family History and Origins

    This page is dedicated to a detailed history of the Schmeusser last name, Schmeusser etymology, and history of Schmeusser ancestors. The Schmeusser family name is an old lineage that has migrated all across the world over the centuries, and as the Schmeusser family has spread, it has changed making it's history difficult to uncover. Schmeusser family history has a rich and complex origin whose details can be pieced together by Schmeusser family researchers.

     Schmeusser spelling variations

    In times when literacy was uncommon, names such as Schmeusser were transcribed based on how they sounded when people's names were written in public records. This could have led to misspellings of Schmeusser. Understanding misspellings and spelling variations of the Schmeusser surname are important to understanding the history of the name. Surnames like Schmeusser transform in how they're written as they travel across tribes, family lines, and countries over the years.

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    Surnames related to Schmeusser
    Related surnames are not the same as names joined by blood ties. Those types of lineages are best expressed with a Schmeusser family tree, rather than the list format shown here. From time to time surnames like Schmeusser will diverge into different surnames when they move between countries, are said in different languages, or split into multiple family lines because of historic reasons.

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    Schmeusser country of origin
    The nationality of Schmeusser may be very difficult to determine in cases which countries change over time, leaving the nation of origin indeterminate. The original ethnicity of Schmeusser may be in dispute based on whether the surname came about organically and independently in multiple locales; for example, in the case of family names that are based on a professional trade, which can appear in multiple countries independently (such as the surname "Bishop" which may have been taken by church officials).

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    History of the Schmeusser last name

    Schmeusser family history & origin
    The story of last names wind and wend as time passes and are not necessarily tied to hereditary relations because not all surnames are passed down from father to children. Actually, names like Schmeusser are taken for reasons completely unrelated to bloodlines. The Schmeusser surname has a long and varied history which extends over many generations.

    The early origin of Schmeusser dates back to antiquity, making a lot of the details of the name complicated to trace accurately. When one tackles the history of surnames in this way, a page such as this one becomes a living document to people looking into Schmeusser history. Discovering the origin of any last name is an imprecise, but highly rewarding endeavor. Therefore, AncientFaces needs information from users like you to piece together an accurate picture of the origins of this family name.

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    Schmeusser meaning
    The meaning of Schmeusser come may come from a profession, such as the name "Baker" which refers to the craft of baker. Many of these profession-based surnames may be a profession in some other language. This is why it is essential to understand the nationality of a name, and the languages spoken by it's progenitors. Many modern names like Schmeusser come from religious texts like the Bhagavadg?t?, the Quran, the Bible, and so on. In many cases these surnames are shortened versions of a religious expression such as "Worthy of praise".

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    Other history of the Schmeusser name
    The evolution of Schmeusser originates with the origins of thesurname, when the name was created. Even in the early generations of a name there have been different spellings of that name simply because family names were infrequently written down that long ago.

    As these families emigrated between countries and languages, the Schmeusser name may have changed with them. Schmeusser families have moved across various regions all throughout history. It was common for a surname to change as it enters a new country or language.

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    People named Schmeusser

    Famous people named Schmeusser
    We don't have any records of famous people named Schmeusser.

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    Schmeusser Family Tree
    George Schmeusser (1906 - 1984) Falmouth, Pendleton County, Kentucky (Kentucky), 41040
    Fred C Schmeusser (1935 - 1998) Cincinnati, Hamilton County, OH (Ohio), 45211
    Paul Schmeusser (1924 - 2010) South Dakota,
    Irene M Schmeusser (1924 - 2010) Wilmington, New Castle County, DE (Delaware), 19808
    Isabella Schmeusser (1901 - 1996) Cincinnati, Hamilton County, OH (Ohio), 45239
    Karl Schmeusser (1905 - 1975) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma (Oklahoma), 73112
    Carl F Schmeusser (1937 - 2000) Prague, Lincoln County, OK (Oklahoma), 74864
    Fred Schmeusser (1901 - 1964) Florida, 32017
    Frieda Schmeusser (1908 - 1999) Florence, Boone County, KY (Kentucky), 41042
    Eva Schmeusser (1921 - 2011) South Dakota,
    Harriet K Schmeusser (1936 - 1998) Cincinnati, Hamilton County, OH (Ohio), 45211
    Anne Schmeusser (1900 - 1979) Brooklyn, Kings County, NY (New York), 11230
    Omar Schmeusser (1940 - 2002)
    Fred Schmeusser (1935 - 1998) Liberty, Clay County, MO (Missouri), 64068
    Fred E Schmeusser (1920 - 2006) Wilmington, New Castle County, DE (Delaware), 19804
    Henry Schmeusser (1898 - 1972) Worcester, Worcester County, MA (Massachusetts), 01604
    Anna Schmeusser (1910 - 1986) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma (Oklahoma), 73112
    Elna Schmeusser (1895 - 1975) Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware (Delaware), 19804
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    Notes about the last name Schmeusser

    Nationality and Ethnicity of people named Schmeusser
    We do not have a record of the primary ethnicity of the name Schmeusser. Many surnames travel around the world throughout the ages, making their original nationality and ethnicity difficult to trace.

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    Fun facts about the Schmeusser family
    We have no fun facts about the Schmeusser surname.

    The Schmeusser name probably came from Austria, Germany or Switzerland.

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