what would your answer be to the asylum seeker debate

    currently a hot topic in OZ, many recent deaths with people attempting to reach our shores through people smugglers

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    There doesn't appear to be an answer that is acceptable to both sides of politics.

    What chance have we got to sort it all out when the brains of the outfit can't even agree on one solution.

    Personally I believe the answer is offshore.Get at the people smugglers where it all begins,in Indonesia & malaysia.We would need full co-operation from those governments tho & I don't think we are ever going to get it.


    Unfortunately there just doesn't seem to be an acceptable solution, but another one sank as I wrote the question!!

    Yes,I know.That's 2 down in 6 days.Something's gotta give hey?

    yes,tragic loss of life,but how many can we support!!

    You're absolutely right.We can't just keep on accepting them.Despite all of the checks the gov't does some bad element always seems to slip thru.I think fixing the problems where they come from is the only solution but that's a very big task.

    Agreed, but I seriously doubt that will ever happen,parliament are now out of session and still no agreement on what is to be done nor where we should send them,Christmas Island,Nauru or Malaysia or just continue to extend the taxpayers dollar further here

    Yeah great isn't it? "Bugger this,we're all going on hols,somebody else can sort this mess out".I wish we could sack the lot of them.Enjoy your holiday guys but DON'T COME BACK!!

    I'm with you,I had high hopes for our first female Prime Minister.....I think their all down the gutter now,a decision is just too hard for them,like you said with more important issues at hand..... like their next overseas holiday

    Hey, yet another boat intercepted last night,I'm fast losing count!!!

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