how do u train puppy not to pee in house

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    This requires a lot of time and patience. You need to get the puppy on a schedule. He should have once an hour visits outside. Also he should be put outside as soon as he is finished eating. Eating stimulates and excites puppies so after eating is when they will need to go the most. Be outside with him and when he goes, a pat and a praise will let him know he's done something correct. If he has an accident in the house, DO NOT put his nose in it. This means nothing to a puppy other than they are to now suppose to investigate any urine or poop they find. If you see them going in the house, do not yell, this will not get them to stop them from going right then, it will actually scare them into expelling it faster. Simply walk up to your puppy, tell it, "outside" speak gently and pick them up (if you can and away from you) picking them up, sometimes gets them to stop what they are doing. Then you can bring them outside to finish. Each time you see them doing it in the house, bring them outside, while telling them "outside". In time, they will learn that the act is for outside only. It may take upwards of 3 months to properly train a puppy. Just like potty training a child takes a long time, the same goes for a puppy. Until their brains mature to the point of understanding that words are not just sounds, that they actually mean something, they will have accidents. Puppies are also very susceptible to urinary tract infections. If weeks into the training it appears they are finally learning then suddenly revert to going in the house, it may be a U.T.I. Have the vet do a urine test. Puppies are a lot of work, patience and doctor visits. This all falls on you and not the puppy. You accepted the responsibility of owning a puppy so you can not fault him for the time and money and maybe some pee or poop stains in the house. Good luck and be kind while housebreaking the pup. You are speaking a foreign language to him so you need to give him the time it takes to understand what you words mean. Keep the words simple when training him. One word commands is the best when training. Puppies do not understand how to separate words so it is just sound to them when too many words are used all at once. They can understand one word and relate it to what you are teaching them. 

    get a kennel put them in it, take them out, go outside give command >do your business.> bring inside play with them a minute or two, feed small amount return to kennel repeat often, soon he or she will be able to go longer times inside out of kennel. Never punish for mistakes its not their fault. provide puppy pee pads if necessary or doggie diapers. be patient please.

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