How can i increase my weight ?

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    Drink Ensure.

    I find it ironic that your other question has to do with the brand of alcohol.  You need to watch what you put inside your body, pal.

    Exercise, muscle mass is an excellent way to add weight. Eat the proper fuel for maintenance....

    Eat at McDonald's! :D

    Follow me for a day, just kidding!  I actually have lost a few, anticipating the winter gain. 

    Load your pockets with change….or….Blend two raw eggs with peanut butter, chocolate, milk and 2 tablespoons of soy protein powder  to taste. Crushed ice with that helps or heat it to custard. Eat that and/or variations twice daily along with meals. Play with your food for flavors and textures that you like. I have noticed folk who crave potatoes in all their forms gain weight quickly. Controlling weight should be your goal….what is right for you...get a doctors opinion.

    N N N

    may i know ur weight :D

    My under weight gorge was when I was 14 − 17 years old. I was 6’2” the age at of 14 and and weighed in at a reed-like 122 lbs. I could eat a cow and not put on an ounce. Malts, burgers and fries frequently had no effect. My parents took me to see doctors to see if I had tape worms or some other weird-horror that kept my weight down. Did not have soy protein powder at the time but between my drink and vitamins my weight crawled up little by little. My parents calmed down when I got to 150 Lbs. although I still looked thin pale and gaunt. I joined the US Navy when I was 17 and amazingly put on muscle weight there and my weight went up to 165. Only recently my weight has gone just over 200 lbs and I am 67 Years old. I have been at 200 +_ 10 Lbs for 20 years

    Eat loads of junk.

    carry rocks in your pockets

    To gain weight, you need to eat more calories every day compared to you burn with exercise. You can also gain weight by increasing size of your muscles. Start with a caloric calculator to determine the number of energy you you'll need to consume every single day to gain weight. You'll probably have to increase your calorie intake, and you can do this by eating a larger volume of meals or by choosing foods which are energy-dense (high in calories).

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