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    One of the toughest things to do for most people when they evaluate a business opportunity is to avoid allowing their emotions to get involved with the decision. Many of us will become so involved with the proposal that after awhile we lose site of the fact that it may not be the best idea, yet we feel that we have so much time invested that if we just put a little more effort into it, we can make it work. Even seasoned corporate executives will fall prey to this inability to make the tough evaluation and call a halt to further investment of time and money.

    There are a number of steps to take and we have listed a few of them in this short article.
    To begin with, it is important to learn as much as possible about the business opportunity by talking to principles of the industry, investigating potential markets and building a business plan which includes a statement about what the business is and what it is not. An economic evaluation consisting of a cash flow, income statement and profit statement is also necessary as part of this evaluation. Essentially if you cannot sustain cash flow and turn a profit within eighteen months or less, then you probably should not invest.

    Complete a business plan, which outlines all of the steps necessary to start your new business opportunity and operate it for the first year. This business plan will state who is involved, who your customers are, what the products or services are that you will provide, how they will be marketed and how you will operate your business. This document is important and worth taking the time to develop since it will force you to examine all aspects of the business.

    Last develop a group of confidents or a virtual board of directors that you can use as a sounding board. Make sure you have a non-disclosure signed with them. Review your plans with them and ask for their unbiased opinions regarding your new business opportunity, the business plan and your financial plan.

    They will provide you with constructive criticism, including that you should pursue or end the business opportunity evaluation. It is critical that your virtual board be experienced and provides you with un-emotional and un-bias opinions. It is equally critical that you listen to their guidance and take the appropriate action to resolve some of the issues that they may raise.

    In summary, doing your homework and evaluating business opportunities properly will assist you in finding and developing opportunities into healthy businesses.


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