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    Not really, kinda average really.



    I was curious how fellas were gonna answer this :)

    (bg)adj. big·ger, big·gest1. Of considerable size, number, quantity, magnitude, or extent; large. See Synonyms at large.

    2. a. Of great force; strong: a big wind; in a big rage.

    b. Obsolete Of great strength.

    3. a. Mature or grown-up: big enough to take the bus by herself.

    b. Older or eldest. Used especially of a sibling: My big brother is leaving for college next week.

    4. Pregnant: big with child.

    5. Filled up; brimming over: felt big with love.

    6. Having or exercising considerable authority, control, or influence: a big official; a big chief.

    7. Conspicuous in position, wealth, or importance; prominent: a big figure in the peace movement.

    8. Of great significance; momentous: a big decision; a big victory.

    9. Informal Widely liked, used, or practiced; popular: "For public opinion . . . has grown harsh and yuppie-bashing is big" (Sally Jacobs).

    10. Informal Self-important; cocky: You're too big for your own good.

    11. Loud and firm; resounding: a big voice.

    12. Bountiful; generous: had a big heart.

    adv.1. In a pretentious or boastful way: talked big about the new job.

    2. Informala. With considerable success: made it big with their recent best-selling album.

    b. In a thorough or unmistakable way; emphatically: failed big at the box office.

    Idiom: big onEnthusiastic about; partial to: "The Japanese are big on ranking things and deciding which is Number One" (James Fallows).

    [Middle English, perhaps of Scandinavian origin.]


    I was curious to see how the girls would answer this.

    Well...ummm...keeping it totally clinical here, Sire! ;)

    Above average, why do you ask?



    What does this question refer to? Without an explanation, you're going to get a variety of answers......

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