For the past 2yrs, the mayor of our great city has missed the raising of the pride flag and last yr missed the pride parade,I think it is safe to say that he will miss it again,my question is other than myself,does anyone feel that mayor ford is homophobic?

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    Being aware of the Gay Pride Parade in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I can tell you that it is a personal choice that many people make, in deciding NOT to attend and that not only includes the mayor of Toronto (Ford) but many gay men and women who live there.  They have that right. The consistent message that seems to be put forth by this group, does nothing to promote understanding about the gay community.  Instead, they do a great disservice by having the focus on lots of men on floats, naked except for their speedos, making obscene gestures to the crowd which I cannot even describe here.  I believe that THAT is what the mayor objects to and has nothing to do with a "fear of homosexuals".

    marie reay

    Thank You Ducky,your perspective opened my eyes,I did'nt look at it that way,thank you for opening my eyes,and my mind to this reasoning of thought.cheers!!!

    Does it matter? You can't change a person but you can continue to fight to change prejudice laws and promote understanding that the homosexual life is not something to be feared by non homosexuals. If you believe he is homophobic, exercise your right to vote and vote against him in the next election. That is where your personal voice will be loudest to him. 

    marie reay

    no it don't matter,it was just a question,that's all

    Just curious...what city?

    marie reay

    marie reay


    marie reay...This forum is world wide so people do not know who Mayor Ford is.

    Has anyone confronted him in regards to the parade and his absence?

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