Who is really happy in this period?

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    I'm not unhappy. Got a lot going on, a bit stressful but, I have plenty to be happy about......

    I'm loving life, have had several surgeries and am off work, I was worried about money (out of sick leave) but I've learned to economize, met people I would never had the opportunity to while I did shift work, and Ive learned that I really enjoy doing things I didn't realize I was missing out on, the simple things like actually cooking instead of take away, gardening and having time for friends


    I'm glad it's going well for you Lamby.
    Keep it up!

    Thank you Tommyh

    My life seems to keep taking turns toward the crazy train platform...but all in all...broke (for now)..but happy!  ;)

    Yep...pretty happy and contented about a lot of things.  Not every single aspect of my life is wonderful but I try not to be too concerned about that which is out of my control.

    Yes & no. I'm happy to see one of my kids doing well. The other one,not so good & there is nothing that can be done about it.

    That's life.Ups & downs.Just like a roller coaster sometimes.

    I am happy in general and happy i am alive.  At the same time i am mad about something that occurred lately.  But i try to take the good and the bad on an even keal.

    I'm fairly happy! No giant major troubles at this moment!

    Relatively speaking, life continues to be wonderful for me.  I can say I am happy today.

    Can you please be more specific?

    Not me. I've spent more time with doctors lately than my wife. Nothing but bad news. It's starting to bum me out. I'm enjoying listening to birds chirping more than my fueler motors. 


    It's nice to listen to the dawn chorus as you wake up to another day.
    Keep up the positive!

    ed...don't let them hypnotize you...see a medicine man!!

    Stay as positive as you can dear Ed!..We`re ALL rooting for you!!! XXmillie

    Not sad but in tension.


    Everything changes always...hope you are feeling less tense...Peace. :)
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    Thanks for the hope.

    I am content with life at the moment..never a dull moment anyway..The kids and family are always a worry..but you just have to do your best to get on with it really don`t you!!..Good days and bad...I just try and stay positive..not always easy...but content with what I do have at the moment!!:-)


    You're what I call a real trooper, Millie. xx

    No, in general, is your life happy


    Yes it is, thanks.

    I hope yours is, too.

    Why are you unhappy,angie? Do you need any advise we could give you?

    In general? Happy? hmmm? Grateful? Yes! Often stressed by financial insecurity? Yes! Freaked out? Pretty much! Concerned at times about how the future will unfold? Oh ya! Satisfied? Actually..maybe...I mean my children are amazing and brilliant..I feel much happiness being able to share their lives...but there exist outstanding factors...outside of myself, for example...does it make for happiness that the 'new' landlady is a drug addicted alcoholic with passive-aggressive tendencies?? NO! No this does not make for happy happy joy joy at all!! Does it make me happy that I just got fashizzled for a work 'contract' made last fall and discussed up until days before starting? No! But's how it works...'tho the landlady's a nutcase? I happen to possess a vat..a void if you will, of experience 'dealing with' nutjobs!!! THAT makes me very happy!! AND who wants to work for someone who does not follow through? Not me! And THAT makes me excruciatingly happy! So happiness is like a winding ride...woohoo here I go-oooo!!! lol ;D

    girl's  very happy


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