i'm a male 54 and weight 194 i'm trying to loose weight i run 20 miles a week eat mostly salads for lunch and diner and a smoothy for breakfast but cant seem to loos weight what am i doing wrong

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    Sounds like you are on the right track with your diet and exercise..beware of "Hidden"Calories..salads are great but can be misleading if they are draped in dressings and oils!:-¬..Alcohol..if you drink is also sugar loaded....You need to(IMHO) consult a dietition re healthy and tailor made diet to lose weight and tone up at a gradual pace...or weight watchers meetings are hugely popular as they give support and guidance !...One thing that just niggles at the back of my mind is that if you are eating healthily and cutting calories and exercising with no apparent result..then I`D be tempted to book a GP appt.for a few tests...just to rule out anything hampering your efforts...such as hypothyroidism(Under active Thyroid gland)..And General MOT!!

    ALL THE VERY BEST......get the help and don`t give`s SO worth it in the end!!(from one who knows);-)

    Is that American pounds ? if that were UK pounds it wouldn't be a bad weight . 12 Stone is not too bad. If your'e not happy with it you must need to cut back a bit more on the fatty stuff and sugar stuff. just keep trying you will get there if you are determined.

    You need protein in your diet, and some healthy fat (from nuts, avacados, salmon) and some complex carbs (bread with at east 3g of fiber, brown rice, wheat pasta).  Believe it or not you will lose weight more quickly with a diet high in veggies and fruits with protein, complex carbs, and healthy fat.  You need the healthy fat to create the amino acids that keep you healthy.

    How tall are you?

    You must not drink sugary drinks in Summer as sugary drinks in Summer increase weight .

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    i'm a male (57) and weight 240. I'm not trying to loose weight.  i never run, eat mostly burgers, pizza and beer, and after diner most nights I like a dish of ice cream. I can't seem to loose weight either.

    What are WE doing wrong?


    If you aren't going to eat that fish please catch and return!

    No wonder! :D:D

    Cutting back on the ice cream chocolate sprinkles toppings oughtta do it.

    No ice cream tonight. The wife wiped us out. :(

    Did she forget how to get to the grocery store ?;-)

    Depends on whether you're 6'5"  or  5'6"

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