Is driving while taking doctor-prescribed opiod medication ok?

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    Nice question , I take these medications and have been on them for sometime, I try not to drive yet I know I feel no different.

    I was drug tested here in OZ and tested positive but I had a doctors medication list in my glove box so it covered me.

    I have licence restrictions, but I did this myself because I only use my car to get to and from appointments.


    Nothing has ever been said to me. I don't drive very much but I will bring this up with my doctor next visit.
    I have always been a good driver. I don't think my opiods make me a better one. ; / (although I couldn't drive without them)
    How did they drug test you?
    Deleted User

    They swab your mouth.

    I was on Oxycontin 80mg per day at that stage, if you have that letter you are covered did you see my last question? have you ever heard of that before?
    My Drug do not effect me but at times I have felt myself feeling tired or not with it completely..

    My drugs don't effect me very much -- in fact they are not handling pain. Methadone is one you stay on for all eternity ... Oxycontin didn't help.

    How's your reaction time when you are taking the meds Itsmee?

    If you even think there is a problem you maybe shouldn't drive.

    Take care.


    They don't do much of anything but keep me up late at night. : ( You take care too, young man.

    "opiad"? Not familiar with the term, part opium or opium like? Don't be silly and drive. That's like a 2 beer buzz, still driving while intoxicated.......

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    Like Oxycontins
    S 5 drugs

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