Do you think the term "old woman" or "old man" is a slur?

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    I love your avatar itsmee...who is this beautiful lady?? Is she famous? A star? You see I pretty much live under..I mean ON a rock out in the Pacific (not a real rock like Chiangmais' though...darn!)and so have no idea who she may be!!! hee hee! ;)

    Thank you, richardjames, I loved the compliment.
    lindilou, I had my 15 minutes. I blew it. Couldn't deal with it. Can't go back.

    Well you are a gorgeous woman there woman! No fashizzle about it! And don't worry 'bout the 15 mins...I used up several gazillions of minutes being "spotlighted"'s only good for about 15 minutes and as Jesse J sings..."it ain't about the money, money, money...just wanna make the world dance!!" This is how we become en-famed...we touch one anothers' lives!! You'll always be famous with me darling girl!! Peace and Love baby! LL

    Yep look really stunning..lovely!:-)

    lindiou: You fun, warm, smart and kind.(((Hugs)))

    Right back atcha babe! ;)

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    It depends on how you use it Itsmee.It can be said with contempt & it can be used as a term of endearment.(Sort of).

    I have been called worse LOL

    If you let them be.  I consider myself old (compared to 20 years ago) so I accept it.  I DON'T like being referred to James' "old lady", I'm not.....

    Deleted User

    Age is a compliment in itself :)

    jh, is he a biker ?

    I think could be either, depends on the context it is used in, it could be offensive, sympathetic, humerus etc, like many words or sayings even inflections or voice tone can be the difference between  complimentary and insulting

    Deleted User

    Being an Aussie they could call you worse hey like old fart, or theres wrinkled pinkle :) so I would rather be called old...

    yep your right, I sometimes get the ultimate compliment "your not a bad bloke for a sheila" I guess that relates to my like for an after work beer at the pub,and offensive language there doesn't actually offend me

    This is slang and not slur and I've often felt this was biker talk and/or old school. Oddly enough my grandmother was called Baba which means "old woman" and grandad was called Gedo meaning "old man" in Polish/Ukrainian!! Heeey! Maybe that's where they picked it up!!!    :)


    lindi, my g.friend, who is polish said a polish grandma is called a " busha " . I prob didn't spell it right.

    It's funny because Gedo spoke Romanian, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish and Bush English..and he and Baba only spoke Romanian between themselves and Ukrainian to their children...I'm thinking that she was called the Ukrainska version!! He was from Bohl, Russia and she, from Vienna, Austria but of Polish ancestry. Wow I must say...our roots can get complicated!!!

    Babushka! ;D

    It didn't use to bother me, until recently.........  :)


    You look good to me, Chiangmai. You have a pink complexion and large eyes - probably shiny. You’re kinda square in the picture by your Avatar but it makes no difference to me.

    Well, thx, itsmee. ditto here.

    : ) and thx to u 2. Ha.

    I Prefer old girl,in like {come on old girl} {or come on old chap} or maybe somthing like {your one cool dude }if you are American,


    hector? You're one cool dude even if you aren't!! American that yer one cool brit! Take that! Aha! ;)

    or dudette ...

    I think the terms "Elderly Gentleman/Elderly Lady are far more respectful...but maybe thats just my opinion!


    It's a terrible situation, millie. My daughter is 34 and has cow fits when people call her Ma'am. What if it was Elderly Lady? or Old Woman? I sang a song for the kids:

    Christmas is coming.
    The goose is getting fat.
    Please to put a penny
    In an old man's hat -- (I change it to nice man's hat)

    And then there's
    There was a nice woman who lived in a shoe.

    cOOL answer!@its me!!,,,A LITTLE respect goes a long way!!;-))

    If I called my old Ma AN OLD WOMAN..SHE`D no doubt batter me over my head with her hand bag!!LOL..she`s a young 90!!;-)

    How's about this 'nice' song then..."She's a little 'nice' lady from Pasadena"!!! LOL :D

    Millie: Your mom is a rare jewel. Ha. I like her and you.

    @itsmee...awwhh thanks,made my day!:-)...she is one amazing lady..even after such a bad fall(multiple fractures and dislocated shoulder)..?2/3 Weeks ago she`s still smiling!:-)

    The Beach Boys are a rare talent so there’s no explaining them ...
    I liked their songs until the time I had an MRI and their music came blasting into my shell. It was way LOUD and scratchy.
    I’ll bet they regret their name now that they are really “Elderly Gentlemen”

    First of all itsmee you look fabulouse now back to your question I hate the term any body would think we live in the dark ages we live in the 21st century back in the 19th century people didnt live as long as we do now and you were classed as old between 35 yrs and 40s but now we are living much longer and the kids now look in their 2os when the are still in thier early teens so what are they going to say when they get old and how do you say how old you are when I feel most days in my twenties but Im not as they say its only a word at the end of the day good question


    "Wot? You're 108?!? You don't look a day over 90!!" (conversation from teens of the future) LOL

    mel is sharing her words from the wise.
    lindilou is ***** (A must read) along with Umbriel***** and Millie*****
    and Hector ***** I could go on and on


    That depends on the person who is wanting something from you.  


    I love that cartoon.

    Words are a funny thing and we can almost make any word something bad if we want too.

    It looks like a modern ,Day Hogarth, Ed,

    I find it rather disrespectful  I think  elderly man or elderly woman is more appropiate.


    Here Here Ann!!..I so agree!:-)

    Umb...?I`m not sure what you mean re sprightly??..Yep we use the term away with the fairies..but doesn`t nec mean old!..I`VE BEEN AWAY WITH THE FAIRIES for a long time...not so sure re sprightly..worn out more like!!:-)LOL...Explaiin??!thanks;-)

    Well, hmmmm .... I kind of agree. However, It reminds me of a lace hanky or a dusty doily. It is better than Old man or Old woman. I came up with a real mind twister.

    Umbriel~Funny! Funny! Two thumbs up. lol sprightly. LOL young at heart.
    “awa’ wi’ the fairies” HAHA.

    I am in complete agreement with you, Ann, as usual.

    Like anything, it would probably depend upon what context it was used in, and the obvious intent of its usage.

    How about my old mans a dustman,and he weares a dustmans hat,he weares cor blimey throursers ,so what do yoy think of that,????


    Yeah..but that`s like Cockney..old man there just means husband...not like a derogatory term which could be taken as disrespectful to the elderly!(imho)!

    My old man was always my father...but not the ex...{I always thought of him as an ex even married...oh.. there's that word again.}

    And 'e lives in a council flat,
    'E looks a proper 'nana in his
    great big 'obnail boots...LOL :)

    He has such a job to pull them up that he calls them daisy roots.

    Wow, we did a h'excellent job,
    Hector and Sunny! :D

    So, Daisy roots must
    I'm finally gettin' the hang of the
    cockney slang. :)

    Depends on the attitude or tone of the voice, like alot of other nouns.

    "Old" is a state of mind, less your cheese; in which case open a bottle of wine & be merry ! " ;)


    It so is a state of the mind and perhaps even a body connection...if I say I feel old it simply means that my body has been worked to ratshizzle...often the case as my jobs are both physically taxing but in different ways.On the other hand I certainly have a stronger body as a result. I also have a crazy hobby that requires being capable to physically travel thru heavily wooded areas and other rough terrain.I am much stronger than women younger than it is one looong day actually!! ;) Peace PANDA!

    lindilou: Do you root for mushrooms? ... (Very fancy mushrooms. Can’t remember what they’re called.)
    I am the one whose body has been turned to “ratshizzle"

    itsmee I hunt for and find signs of Sasquatch people (who are on every waterway on this island) and I send my findings to another more prominent biologist-researcher here on the island! It is a bit adrenaline rush really. peace



    maybe..we should all just ask people what name they`d like to be addressed we do at work....(But I doubt..ol woman/man would be one of their replies)!!;-)

    What on earth do you do lindilu,Shot putting in the woods,??????


    I wanted to put this up as Best Answer. LOL There are a whole bunch of Best Answers. I’ll move em around.
    I believe lindilu is “Away with the Fairies” doing a sprightly jig that Umbriel would enjoy. She’s “Young at Heart,” you know.

    Hahahahaha! Sure hector...that sounds so ridiculous that I may try it sometime!!!

    Sasquatch research hector!! And YES they exist!! And NO I don't think Umbriel is a Sasquatch...he's not tall enough nor furry enough from what he's said!! Aha! The fairies by the way are about 9-12 feet tall and when they dance the ground shakes!! Whoop whoop!! ;)

    lindilou: I see you as a petite little thang danding in the underbush and shaking the ground in your velvet slippers.

    5 foot 3...crazy long long hair...size 8 dawgs and about 125 pounds soaked through!! Petit?? a Sasquatch...maybe!! Whoop! ;D


    A lot of people call me an old git, I would rather be called that than old man, there is a radio programe on in the UK with a lady in the afternoons, the other members of the team call her old women but only in a light hearted way.


    She is a very Knogable Old Lady sunnyB,she knows loads of smalls details, about of all sorts of things,

    In stead of referring to some one as old, how about referring to them as. Recycled teenagers. lol Well depending on how they think.

    If it is said in anyway that is disrespectfull,then of course it is wrong,Old Girl,

    I do not like it when someone refers to their wife as 'old lady' or husband as 'old man' I think it's disrespectful.  However, depending on the company, it seems to work out fine amongst same culture. Also, I don't like 'Wifey and Hubby'..   I have never introduced my wife as anything but my wife..

    My dad once introduced my mom as 'the cook' he got a smack in the back of the head, right then!!  :)


    Nothin' like a little kitchen smack down! LOL! I like yer mom!!! ;)

    Me too, I miss her and dad both. They were fun parents but stern. My family was in the restaurant business, when my father introduced my mom as 'the cook' he really didn't mean it disrespectful, he was actually giving her a complement because the person he said it to was raving about how good his dinner was.. Mom came in at the tail end of the conversation. :)

    I love it Vinny! I'm a 'cook' as well so I can appreciate how hard-working your folks had to be! Thanks for sharing this cute memory bud! ;)

    Old man or old lady could be a great compliment depending on how you look at it and who is saying it.  Anything can be a compliment.  Anything can be an insult.  Intention and feeling behind it is what counts.  I think its great to see a little old lady and a little old man walking down the street holding hands. If you make it long enough to be called a little old lady or a little old man, how lucky are you to have seen all that you have seen and experienced.  I love the little old lady and the little old man.  I hope I become one.

    Like Ann, I find it disrespectful. 30 is old to 10. 40 is old to 20. 50 is old to 30. 60 is old to 40, and so it goes.  It is relative. 
    Call me old in conversation with someone else, but don't do so to my face.  


    I agree 100% it is extremely wrong as well as rude

    No as long as it don't come from the old lady..

    yes, it's a slur, unless you know the person VERY well. There's nothing wrong with being old, but you just don't go around calling someone by adjectives. You should call them by their name, or sir or ma'am .

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