What are medical effects of breathing in carbon monoxide?

    Recently someone accidentally left a car running in our closed garage. I discovered it, and went in to turn off the ignition. It had been running about 2 hours. We have two small dogs in a kennel not far away. What are the effects of this?

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    possible death plain and simple, if lucky maybe severe brain damage

    Worst case scenario, & she/he didn't say they lost consciousness, though they may have before she looked. They are alive now so it's worth a check-up.

    Do it long enough you will be dead.

    You may have been lucky if the dogs were kennelled outside, but why take the risk and worry?

    Take them to your vet and let him/her check them out.

    There will be outward signs... colour inside the mouth for one... that might be all a vet would need to look at to reassure you.

    If they do need treatment, the faster the better.
    they could die of it but if they were outside then the might not be damaged too badly if you are really worried take them two the vet and get them chaecked out

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