Does anyone have a good idea what to do about a scrawny, ribs-showing doe that's sleeping in my backyard and eating the flowers? I live in a residential area, so shooting it is out of the question.

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    Try calling animal welfare in your area!

    Shoot em with your camera that is, then call the proper authorities..

    You can also call the game warden's service. They usually relocate animals that are found in that situation rather than see someone or the animal harmed.

    I don't know what to advise you. I had a problem with a possum that was entering my house to eat cat food and no one would help me.  Couldn't even relocate it legally. You'd be surprised at how little you can do. I feel for you and the doe. Feed her some corn and maybe she'll get well enough to move on.....

    Your story is sad for the both of you! Everybody had good ideas. I really liked Julie’s about feeding the corn.  Gary could you come back and tell us.  Three weeks.

    Catch it put a colar on it and call it "Bambi" .. Feed it up and have a neighbourhood BBQ ...

    Hmmmmm Venision :)))) ..

    Doe a deer a female deer cooking on the stove :))))

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