Did Adam (Adam & Eve) have a belly button?

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    ""Yes they have.


    There was no point for them to have one. The artist of this painting should have known better and thought logically when he painted his interpretation.

    One of the rare times i absolutely agree with you , Colleen.

    is bulletman the same thing as RichardJames and RussRocks ?

    No mcm.....Bulletman is from Australia.Two entirely different people.

    I agree as well!:)

    Too late to agree with Python, you already agreed with me a month ago :)

    Belly buttons attach the baby tho the placenta by means of the umbilical cord when the baby is growing in Mom's uterus. Adam and Eve would not have had a belly button.

    Colleen i agree to agree with Pyth, to be an Aussie.:)

    I see, OK ;)

    i agree collen

    Jeeez I missed this.But I agree with Bulletman & Pythonlover.(& If peoplelover was still here I would agree with him also).

    I wonder if wonderdyke would agree with us also.

    I'm sure she will when she gets around to it.Took me 8 mths.:(

    In this picture, Adam is putting his hand on her boob.

    MCM, click on the picture, it will enlarge. His hand is on her shoulder not her breast.

    I  Have NO idea...a bit before my time...i wasn`t actually there to witness!

    What's this obsession with  belly buttons ? Someone else just asked a question about  belly buttons. As for Adam and Eve.......the answer is no, since they didn't need to be attached to a placenta. But, their children had one.


    fabulous point!

    When you think about it there was no biological reason for them to have one!

    Just belly.

    Both have belly buttons and were born on a distant world and were brought here to upgrade the human race. 


    Over-thinking the issue doesn’t help resolve it. What makes since and is reasonable is generally true. To satisfy this issue I rely on The Urantia Book which is an on-line book covering this and a myriad of fickle musings over hundreds of topics.

    That's the shortest answer I have ever seen you give & funnily enough I agree with it.:)

    No Adam and Eve did not have belly buttons.  They were created and not born from a womb. There was no imbelical cord attaching them to their mothers.  They did not have a mother or father as we know parents. 

    Which came firdt the chicken or the egg? That litttle statement we have heard all our lives at my house growing up. That is a true paradox but you my friend have asked a simple question and if you are a believer in a higher being than yourself, the Creator if you will, then you also believe in the teachings of the Church to some degree, right? Well then simple logic dictates that from what we know about the purpose of tue belly today then Adam and Eve would not have had belly buttons, they were the living creations of the Almighty God and having never experienced birh through pregnancy then no they would not have had them, they had no need to have them because they were never a placenta and were not the result of human kind giving birth to them.  We must also accept that God had plans for their sons and daughters for all time fortht to have them so that as the child of men to be able to receive nourishment from the mother the Almightydecided that the embryo must be attached to the mother and that was he chose. ................thats my story and I am sticking go it.

    They didn't need one, but they may have had one anyway. I don't think they did. Not having firsthand knowledge,  it's just my opinion. 


    Exsactly Bob,but I did not get where i am today without a belly button,

    Indeed not, hector! Where are you, exactly?

    No they would not have needed one,as they did not have fish and chips in those days,as you need the belly button to put the salt in,when lying down.


    Haha.That's funny, Hect. :-D
    Do you put vinegar in your belly button too, to dip your chips in it ?
    What if some people have an outie and some have an innie belly button ?

    I of course will say yes.Besides, just because they were created doesn't mean they don't.Adam was made of clay, and all human were made of clay.Since God created all of us.Even though we were born,God helped our parents.So that is why we were born.Also their kids were human too.And I bet they have belly button.No offense, but since you asked this question it annoys me.

    i believe Adam would not have,but Eve would have as she went on to have kids,,from then on males and females had belly least that is how i see it,,after doing a bit more checking,,i believe niether of them had belly buttons.........................................

    To find the answer to this question and many others relating to the Book of Genesis see:

    O.K.,  lets get this on a logical basis. being a Christian is a matter of faith!!!. the Bible is the only book we have to go denomination has all of the answers. they cann,t because they are just normal men...the Bible was divinely insprired.if you don,t belive the Bible then you are not a Christian. examp, if you don,t belive in Budda then you are not a buddist. if you want to argue biblical facts , quote me chap. and verse.. Adam and Eve probly didn,t have belly bottons because they were created beings.     Gen 1:20  " eve was the mother of ALL living (life)..per king james, 1611 ed.   By the way


    No one is arguing bible facts here. Even the bible does not answer this question. Whether they had belly buttons or not is a supposition. Logically there would have been no need for a belly button. But the bible does not say one way or the other if they did. Find me chapter and verse that clearly states they had belly buttons or did not have belly buttons.

    maybe, maybe not. but why wouldn't they?


    The fact that they were never in a womb and need an umbilical cord, why would they have a belly button?

    yes!!! because where we have been????

    Adam was made by the hands of God,and then came Eva,out of therib of his husband,the number is 13,then she made a misstake to listen to satan who was in the snake,and made her pregnant cine,that is why Adam couldn,t have a navel like we have these days,then came Abel,his half brother,being murdered coase he couldn,t stand that God had put His eyes on him,so then the navel came,like they say whatcame first with a checken the egg or the chicken,think about that.

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