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    when i put a fuse in the back of my scooter for the charger one of the fuse sparks can you help please

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    Call the manufacturer's 800 number and see if they have someone local who can be of help. While putting in a fuse, all controls should be off and the charger disconnected. Have you read the owner's manual regarding the correct procedure for changing a fuse?

    You could have several problems to look at. Lose ground wire to the batteries, your charger might be starting to go out.  A battery charger allows you to charge the batteries within the battery pack. The batteries supply power to the mobility scooter. Overcharging of the weak battery could occur leading to overheating, fire. Check the fuse to make sure it is a 30 AMP fuse that you have installed. Any thing less than 30 AMPS and the fuse may blow.You might also have  a problem with circuits within your scooter.

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