what´s your defenition of love???

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    It is a really hard thing to actually do selflessly...but the more practice I get...the more I love wisely, doing the hard work of it...DOING...Love is doing. Listening when you don't want almost constantly to accomodate the beloved (esp. as children)...being supportive, cooperative, understanding and respectful of all, in spite of egoistic shelving ones' own 'desires' for another, sacrificing I suppose is a good descriptor for that.I have tons more to say but one of my beloved ones needs the comp now so on that note Peace. (sacrificially handing over the mouse now!!)   ;)


    awwwe looy i think thats sweet in your own way ;)love ya!

    Sweet in my own icky sticky gooey way...nice...(blink).....(blink) hee hee!

    no it is cute :) check mine out?

    Infatuation with a another body. Helping those whom you do not know.

    When you can look in the mirror and the person looking back at you is the one you love the most. To know love you have to love yourself... :)

    An affair of the HEART!

    Deleted User

    Rick Sprinfield :) Loved that song


    in my oppion i think that love is somthing shared between two people. one person has flaws that the other person makes up for and vice versa. the yin to a yang. yang to a yin :)


    me and my bf have this going on only with more clothing and less touching XD


    I love it !!!So THAT"S petting!!!! LOL Love ya! ;)

    feelin' it! hey check out the question "shall we dance???" i have a strange feelin you'll like it :)

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