if you jog in place can you burn calories

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    Yes but it gets a bit  dull even with the summer why not jog and take in the scenery locally!..iFYOU ARE FEMALE AND AN EARLY AM /EVE JOG...HANG OUT WHERE PLENTY OF PEOPLE ARE ABOUT..JOGGING OR whatever..and I always alternate my routes and times to some degree...just in case someone is following your pattern!!...SAFETY FIRST!!!:-0

    Of course but, why not walk? It's pleasant, low impact, and you get much needed fresh air.  Go to the library and check out recorded books and listen to the classics while you're walking........


    I may not have very long legs but I know how to keep pace with 3 tall walking buddies...sometimes they ask me to trip it down a notch but I'm usually in the lead on bush walks and like to move quickly through the terrain...powerful way to keep fit...that and those godforsaken bloody long stairs that I have to traverse every day a million or so times...had a Mexican native friend...took him 4 months to walk from Mexico to Alberta. Kids reading this will go.."oh so that's how we used to get around!" (kidding!) ;D

    Are you that "short"? So is my sister. I'm average and I can walk circles around taller people...

    5 foot 3 and a little...boogie baby!! Short yet stealth! Aha! ;)

    How do you find shoes that fit?

    You are hilarious!!! My daughter is a little person so this makes me really giggle! Size 7 to 8 ladies reeboks or size 5 mens' hiking boots! Hahaha! hee hee!

    I had a girlfriend with feet so tiny she had to buy children's shoe. Was hell trying to find high heels!

    My teeny weeny lady has size 11 toddler. We actually found these little gorgeous high heels for capizios..but her little 12 inch inseam legs are quite bowed so when she tried to walk around at school she was wiping out on her butt every 3 steps! She said it was fun but it gave her a sore butt! She's a trooper! lol

    Must be quite the challenge for you and her both.....

    It has been, is and always will be a challenge!!

    Life alone is a challenge w/o adding to it but I don't guess you would trade your daughter for anything, would you?

    Not for anything...she is spicy and delightful...a giant of a personality and her presence is just as grand! Way back when to the times of Cleopatra, Royalty hired or 'purchased' little people to entertain just with their presence, at Royal Court proceedings! I can understand why...her take on things is often humorous from her vantage point! I can't imagine being at eye level with all those rear ends day in and out! ;)

    You are funny yourself....

    It's called humor therapy honey...if I let this world get I am so fryed...I just gotta keep on laughing about it all alternatives...Peace. ;)

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    Definitely. You burn calories even while sleeping!


    Not only jogging at one place is enough, but also you have to take care of the diet like having the breakfast in time, include protein and high fiber content food items, wholegrains. This would help in burning fats.




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