i have just bought a 1967 ouegie board from the us. im excited. what do you think ,im going to use it to try to contact some of my relatives who have passed on..

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    God's word warns us about trying to contact the dead. Have you ever heard of anyone having a good experience with this device? I don't give any majic or power to the board itself, however, if one wants to dable with the evil spirits one can expose themselves to their demonic powers. Actually, all people who have died are either in heaven or hell, there is no "limbo" or a past person trying to find their way. The "people" that mediators are speaking to are really demonic spirits who can take on the personallity of deceased people. So your really not speaking with whom you think you are. These are evil spirits trying to find a way into your life. Do not be fooled. I would have nothing to do with this ouegie board or trying to speak to any dead. You will only be opening up yourself for a living hell.

    Have you ever noticed how the message through these mediators through the "dead" are always positive? How all the dead loved ones are doing fine in a wonderful place or trying to find that wonderful place. Truth is, not everyone has passed on to a wonderful place, this is the demons lies from the devil who wants us to believe that in general all people die and live happly ever after. Truth is, those who die without Jesus Christ are not in a happy place nor ever can be.

    "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places]." (Eph 6)


    I agree friendofgod, as a young naive girl many years ago, I played with a Ouija board,soon after I was visited by demonic presences,I threw the board away,and asked god for forgiveness,I haven't seen anything since,it's just an easy doorway for evil,become a christian and you will see your loved ones again in heaven.Trust me the Ouija boards are bad news!!

    Go for it. Let me know if they can give you the winning lotto ticket numbers too.

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