Mods, are there community guidelines/rules/standards we have to go by?

    On you can't cuss or ask poll questions so I was wondering if this site had similar rules. Also, can you make friends on here? Or do you just follow people?

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    We do not have a poll option here but you could ask a poll style question if you want. Cussing is not allowed here either but you can get away with something like F@#*& (we do have young kids who come through here so we try to keep bad language down for their sake). Sexually explicit postings are not allowed. Porn is not allowed. Nude pictures is not allowed. As long as medical terms are used, questions about sexual organs are allowed if they are true questions about a bodily concern and not gutter type questions. Example, "how big is the average d*ck." Not allowed. "How big is the average penis", Is allowed. Penis is a medical term. We do not have private messaging here but if two people become friends and want to share e-mail addresses, one can ask a moderator to send their e-mail address to the other.  We are a question and answer help site first but socializing is allowed here. Humor (as long as it's not hurtful is allowed). Opinions are allowed and for the most part opinions are off limits to thumbs down. If the opinion is rude, offensive or hurtful, it may be given a thumbs down however. Racist postings or comments are not allowed. All religions and questions about religions are allowed but direct attacks on any religion is not allowed. Preaching is not allowed. Direct attacks on anyone's sexuality is not allowed. Freedom of speech is recognized in general discussions within the boundaries of no racist, prejudice, inflammatory or hurtful comments.  We are a community of people who do our best to work together to help people and answer their questions. No everyone will get along and that's why there is a "report abuse button" and a contact link at the bottom of every page. Use that rather than having an on forum war.  I think I've covered everything. If not, someone will fill in what I missed. Basically, the rules we have are common sense rules and are all member voted.  

    Welcome to akaQA. :) 


    Okay, thanks...again!! =)

    Oh, let me add that we do not tell people to "Google it". They come to us for answers. If they knew how to Google, they would. Google it is only for questions that we can not answer (for legal reasons) or for things like porn. No one here will search those sites for people. Those they can Google them self.

    Mkay. :)

    Can you follow people on here? I didn't see a follow button:(

    No, that is not an option. I can suggest it to the admin though. If you do like a question someone posted, you can follow that by clicking the follow this button in the subject area.


    I can't see any answer  except mine.


    Because there was no answer yet.
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    But it is written 3 answers and it was in answered question I saw on recent answered questions.

    The app glitched and did not allow a comment to actually post completely. The sender tried to retrieve the answer but it was lost so she chose not to post it again.

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