why cant i get into ICQ with a proper password

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    After password length changing i've got ICQ Fatal window message "Connection failed. Your ICQ number or password was rejected (5)".
    I've upgraded Miranda from vesion 0.7.8 to 0.7.10 with no results. I read forum's threads and found that some miranda protocols have issue with password length. Some kind of problems were solved there by entering password without last letters. My password was 9 letters, after i entered only 8 of them Miranda have connected to server properly. I checked it out twise - that's it is.
    It can happens that only 8 first letters are significant in icq protol, but anyway it must work with ALL password letters. Anyway i haven't this problem with icq6 client and qip client.
    Just wanted to say it to other miranda users, who had such issue and cann

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