have a 1996 ford f-150 staraight inline 6/4.9 5speed need a schematic for the vacum lines

    putting back the vacuum lines someone else removed where to start anyone got a diagram ive found several but they dont seem right    its fuel injected and some are there and there is this odd harness but its not hooked up really need to get it running turns over wants to run but it smells really rich and seems like its out of time also distributor but need a schematil or a really good pic of a similar truck with the same motor

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    On the underside of the hood There should be a label that is maked Vehicle Emission Control Information. This lable will show you a Diagram of the Vacuum lines And Emission related components.

    if no label:

    Try here for help

    or here >> 

    il chk the sights out

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