How do u get rid of scares and freckels

    plss i really want to no plss can anyone help

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    I don't think you can with creams or products that claim miracles,but they will fade as you get older,so don't worry, depending on your age a little make up will make most blemishes less visible, 

    Besides the answers that you got yesterday a different way to go about it is too never look at them because, you are probably the only one who is.

    BIO great for reducing the appearance of lines..stretch maks blemishes ..scars..contain VIT pricey but very effective....Leave those lovely freckles alone!!

    To get rid of freckles use lemon juice on the skin do this daily followed by a daily facial wash..

    To get rid of you scares you need to harden up take a spoon of concrete...

    How to use technology wisely try google :)

    Freckles.  Why would you get rid of your freckles???  You have the map of Ireland &/or Scotland on your face!!!!  

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