im trying to find someone who has a horse they are willing to lease out just for trail riding

    i am 29, i live in canberra australia and i have been riding since i was 12, i now have 2 kids so i just dont have the time or money to have my own horse. i am even willing to pay some money to ride your horse, im just very keen to get back into what i love most but i dont want to go to schools to ride because i like to just take off for a good run. please help. krystal and please no stupid answers.

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    There must be some trail riding establishments advertised in your area or perhaps you could do the advertising in your area where perhaps a trade of cleaning out stalls for riding privileges could be arranged.Just enter your location followed by the words "trail riding clubs" onto the search bar conduit and left click and a page full of choices will pop up for you to choose from! Have fun and Happy Trails!!!


    You are welcome and if you want a bit more help just give the name of your town, state , district, county or province and I'll search the conduits I have for you and then message you the links.Peace from Canada.

    If  you move to Michigan, I'm sure we could find you a horse for you and your kids to ride  :-)

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