Did you hear about the groom who cheated at his own wedding?


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    I'd have been filing for annulment before the reception, oh hang it I like a good party, maybe the next day, but he wouldn't have been taking me home

    I`VE Heard of men..and no doubt women..cheat on their stag nights and hen nights..which is OUTRAGEOUS IMHO.....But on their wedding day???!...I BET that the alcohol is going to be his defense!!:-¬..Well rid of him!!:-O...Yep..have just read it!!!...GREAT way to impress your new Father-in-law too!!!:-¬


    I'd stick the boot in.




    I would have had a cake fork sticking out of my forehead. Compliments of my wife.

    good point..takes two!...But I`m sure if he was out for"FUN";-¬...He would`ve letched on to SOMEONE ELSE...ANYONE :-¬

    I hope his fiance hit him over the head with a champagne bottle and put him in the hopital to clear his head.

    Couldn't he have waited until the party's over?  Now the party's really over.


    I wouldn`t want to be in his shoes!!;-)

    Boys will be boys but, in this case it's a little extreme....

    ed shank

    More like pigs will be pigs.


    Just wondering.  Does any one here blame the waitress?  This is by no means an excuse for the groom to do what he did.

    I guess I don't see why the father of the bride would subject his daughter to such humiliation! Maybe call her to the side and inform!  A little outrageous!  Call in the video camera!  If it makes the news all is over! Maybe Dad's intent!


    She's daddy's little girl. I might have kicked his ass myself.

    Weird right.

     Now I know how , that man is ...


    Sounds as though someone just doesn't get it...and probably never will. I would think that they sound as though they should stay away from marrying anyone...ever!

    So,  what's the punchline?


    He should have had to endure a PUNCH line!

    the Telegraph, has some weird and wounderful storys, for sure

    Prince Charles cheated on his honeymoon

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