do you question why we are born without a name or clothes. or am i crazy thinking this world is a controlling sob, and basically who has the right to say do this or that ???? i think the freedom of whatever is c>>p as we all should be natural coz this way not working rich get richer poor get poorer ,,not enough space to say much more...there i go again lol

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    I was born fully clothed with a name tag hanging around my neck.      :)


    great answer duckyboy, but it was here they put your tag round u coz u now belong to whatever That" is , i want a real answer bro or sis do u agree we r idiots and controlled?

    Believing myself to be a "controlled idiot" would be an awful way to live. I'm a pretty happy duckyboy, so in answer to your question...NO!

    What I said to you about Benthere, goes for Ducky too. Use the proper name when addressing a person. The name here is Ducky, not duckyboy.

    Actually, I am delighted my sons were not born fully clothed. I enjoyed dressing them in the clothes that I purchased for them.  I am thankful that I got to give them their names, which they haven't changed (and could if they so desired).  
    As for the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, my dropping out of society isn't going to change anything except my own situation, which could be a lot worse. 
    I've just finished a miserable experience on this site and really hope you aren't the next chapter.  
    If you don't have a viable solution to this "problem", take it someplace else.  Yeah, I think you might want to get your head examined.   


    sorry as i sed not sure the whole thing of computer n sites but posted a answer on the bit that i guess is mine once again i get ya ,,, luv al

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    now then!!!! u right , i do need my head examined , i dont doubt that, never will, i am 8 minutes old on this site , i not even sure ill stay on it , im truly sorry a site can do ya head in??? i off to portugal tommorrow i thought id put a non answerable qna but had a serious question on it to begin with and it has been helpful but i in front of the tele wiv a laptop waitin for a dinner before the stress of flying etc ...chill sis i get ya i a lover not a hater .......but my god i really should be xxx
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    Ducky: Please use "Comment this answer" to continue with conversation. Thanks.

    One responder is not the whole site. If Bob's comment did your head in, perhaps it's because she gave you something to think about. Your complaint appears to be random and generalized. There is no real and true specific complaint other than you feel controlled by something and you feel prejudiced against by "whatever" because there are rich people and you are only poor. To me you are simply looking for sympathy, not real answers to whatever your question actually is. It is up to you whether you stay here or leave.

    This is supposed to be a HELP site. You want to play games, there are probably more than enough places to do that.
    "i thought id put a non answerable qna "
    You are the one who asked about being crazy; don't tell me to chill just because I agreed with you.
    P.S. I hope you have a safe, comfortable flight.

    Any civilization has to have some form of control. That's why civilize is in the word civilization. If everyone was allowed to do whatever they wanted to, the population of this world would be next to nil compared to the land mass. I was born with a name. It was given to me by my parents before I was born. The name tag attached to my  infant bed at the hospital showed that I belonged to my parents. Until the age of 18, they controlled me. After that, I controlled my own destiny.  The rich get richer because once apon a time they did what it took to get rich and they continue to get richer because they work at it but whatever means they know. Our laws will get them if they use blatantly illegal tactics to increase their fortunes. That is the control that is over them. The poor get poorer because they do not try. They choose instead to look at their government and cry, "Take care of me!" , which the government does, though it may be at a limited scale. This however works for the poor person as his basic needs are met. He accepts the aid but at the same time he accepts that the government now has control over him. Should he try and bite the hand that feeds him, then the aid is removed. So he sits back and accepts what is given and allows himself to be controlled. So, who really is responsible for the control you are crying about?


    im more into thinking , if mankind wasnt so judgemental,sexualy devient,greedy,proud,power crazy sadistic animals, looking at young innocent children in the way They" do, advertising that says u need to be a size zero, the movie stars??? that think they are stars instead of people who are great with there personality disorders, the f,d up world even you think is normal then really who is dillusional? my grammer not great so before u judge i couldnt be arsed with the "normal curiculum" but i do ok i came on here to ask a question about being abused in the care system ! however im asking wether anyone wonders why things are set into a order?????!!!!! how about this ,,, ill put it another way I know we are being lied to ok , we have a corrupt and disgusting thing called people who control our lives and kill little kids for oil but tell all a frikkin lie wake up woman , i not bein nasty but u pissin me off now its not only your point that counts , last thing,,, Who is responsible for the control i crying about....coz it aint me!!!!!!!!

    Times change. Years ago, the plumper the better was the idea of a perfect mate. There will always be sexual predators, it's a mental condition. Perhaps someday medical science will find a way to CONTROL that mental urge that causes people to be sexually perverse towards children and animals. Diversity abounds in human kind because we were created to be diverse, different. We are all on our own journey's in life. No two journeys are identical. They can't be because no two Souls are identical. God gave man all the emotions. It's up to us how we use them. This includes greed, pride, hate, and the emotions combined that make a person sadistic. This journey is about learning, growing and making oneself better. Some people can not handle that. They ignore their own control over them self. When necessary, law enforcement will control these people when they are found out for hurting others. Control has it's place in all aspects of life. As for being lied to, we also have the right to vote people in an out of office. Understanding who is the corrupt ones is what one should use to vote them out of office. You do not need to tell me to wake up. I am not asleep and I see the realities of this world. I do what I can. I e-mail my congressmen and state reps. What do you do other than cry a river about how unfair everything is and yell at people on the internet? You have the power to control your own destiny. You are 33 years old and help is out there if you try hard enough to find it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and take the correct action. I gave you a link to begin your search for the help you need. YOU are in control. You are responsible for any control you allow into your life. Dry your eyes, stand up from the pity party table and go defend your right to not be controlled. Take your life back and make something out of it. You have choices.

    Why would any creature be born fully clothed/ furred/ feathered/ scaled....God gave everyone a special name- but God also decided to let parents name their offspring too.

    Which is why the newest eaglet hatched to parents Clarence Eagle the 23rd and Yolanda Simone Eagle has been given the name TuTu.

    My names was chosen before my birth (and I was naked when that happened). You had plenty of more room to rant after you posted your "question".........

    What are you ranting about, sit down, calm down, and have a drink. 

    The world is how we make it and I don’t see us turning around anytime to soon.

    whatever u do b careful



    There is  Control in animal world also, watch some wild life videos, and you will see.

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