are there any singlemen in austrillia

    list single men in austrilla

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    I hope you are not an Australian because you don't know how to spell it.

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    Read here and good luck! :)

    ""Why do you want an Austrailian man? Can't you find any wherever you live?

    too open a question.

    There has to be, they sure aren't in America......

    Yes, but they are all gay.

    Deleted User

    I know all austrillia's heterosexuals have gone to build a bridge from New Zealand to Australia :)))

    Kiwis call Aussie guys 'wombat shaggers'.
    Deleted User

    LOL a Wombat would rip your parts off as if LOL , we call them sheep shaggers and funny thing is my mate is Kiwi and she said the Kiwi men do shag the sheep lol ...

    Sheep shagging is a custom imported to NZ by Scottish settlers.

    Go to Alaska men out-number ladies 15:1  

    There is one on his way from Liverpool England he is going to start work for Hitatchi plant working on excavators  at the beginning of next month July his name is Neil Standish you can see him on Facebook Liverpool

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