Which part of Brain is responsible for memory? It is curable?

    I am only 56 and Type Two Diabetic. Ineed help.

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    See here for the brain.>>

    See your doctor for the diabetes!

    See here for the memory loss:

    Stay in touch with your endocrinologist for your diabetes. Watch your diet like it was money, exercise, check your BG (blood glucose) often........

    Memory Loss and Recovery

    Erin Schifeling

    Memory loss occurs for a variety of reasons: Alzheimer's disease, strokes, head injuries, and prolonged alcohol abuse are only a few (1). In some instances memory loss may be slowed, prevented, or regained. These cases provide insight into how memory and certain aspects of the brain in general work.

    Beginning with the more physical aspects of memory loss, each of the examples of memory loss cause listed above can be traced to physical problems. A stroke occurs when too much or too little blood is in a part of the brain, damaging cells (2). Excessive alcohol consumption changes the balance of molecules in many parts of the body, including the brain. Head injuries that produce memory loss such as concussions are maybe the most tangible example of a physical source for memory loss problems.>>>

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