how to creat a blog?

    i'm not clear about the intruction..


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    See here>>

    I think for creating a blog Wordpress is the best. It is the most popular blogging platform around and it is open source and for free. Creating a blog is a very nice idea. You can create a blog for sharing your ideas, knowledge and more stuff you like to do.
    While searching I found an online tutorial which is very useful for newbies. Give a look, here you can learn about how to start a blog with wordpress explained in a very simple manner. It is very easy to learn and implement.

    To create a blog you need to purchase a domain name. If you have already purchased it need not buy it again. There are many online providers available to host your blog. Host your blog with any of them. Then design your blog. For all these i would suggest the site ,here they are providing domain name and Linux based web hosting services with free website builder at low cost.

    if u want to create your blog in google plus then simply create account in google plus,google will help you to create your blog.

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