i have a recepie for 6 large eggs and all i have is jumbo can u tell me how many jumbo eggs make 6 large eggs, thank u

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    Try weighing them with this guide.

    Modern Sizes (USA)
    Size Mass per egg
    Jumbo Greater than 2.5 oz. or 71g
    Very Large or Extra Large (XL) Greater than 2.25 oz. or 64g
    Large (L) Greater than 2 oz. or 57g
    Medium (M) Greater than 1.75 oz. or 50g
    Small (S) Greater than 1.5 oz. or 43g
    Peewee Greater than 1.25 oz. or 35g


    Hey, that is good to know thanks, it looks like to me at least, all they would have to do is take out about spoon full or so, and it would be close. Here we have a saying and it is “Close enough for government work” bad joke I know.

    Using ROMOS's table, it looks like 5 would be close enough.

    Just substitute the eggs, Jumbo for large. A little extra won't hurt I imagine....

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