how do i get rid of pimples

    plss help i have a lot of pimples can anyone plss tell me how i could get rid of them.

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    See here>>>

    And here>>>

    Put egg white on them. It worked for me. I had a lot of pimples in my adolescence. I even had quite a few of them by the 6th grade.And I had them into adulthood. I didn't hear about the egg white treatment till I was in my 40s !  Wish I would have known about it in my teens, b/c it works !


    thaxx i will have a try.

    Try ProActive - Skin Solution

    keep face clean and dry.try not to pop pimple may get scarring.

    It`s all part of growing up and your body hormones causing these annoying changes...Wash your face regularly with a mild soap eg "simple"/"dove"..which are pre soaps without added chemicals..towel face dry with clean towel and apply if needed a spot cream eg freedoom gel..available from your local pharmacy..ask the pharmacist to advise a good one for your skin.....and remember that he`s probably had half the kids in from your year/school before you..he/she is ussed to advising this very common  problem!!!:-)....So have no fears there!...apply the cream/gel just to the spots as it treats them medically..killing the bad bacteria that cause them!...And it dries them out!(so only apply to the affected areas)!!

    ALL THE BEST...(i Know that growing up..even without these pre teen/teen hassles is hard..but they don`t last forever)!!;-)

    Stay away from brownies. That is not cure but it can help you from an increased break out.

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