Before the flood of Noah was there any rain ?

    Has the North Pole always been a frozen place with loads of ice and how did the polar Bares make such a jurney to the Ark???

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    Question: "Had it ever rained before the Flood in Noah's day?"

    Answer: Some interpret Hebrews 11:7 as saying it had never rained prior to the Flood: “By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family. By his faith he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness that comes by faith.” Rain could be the correct understanding of “things not yet seen,” or it could be referring to the Flood in general.

    Genesis 2:6 says, “But streams came up from the earth and watered the whole surface of the ground.” Before the Flood (Genesis chapters 6-9), the earth was surrounded by a “firmament” or canopy of water, creating almost a greenhouse effect on the earth’s climate. These are the waters that God released, causing the Flood. It seems that before the Flood the dew and ample water supply were enough to keep creation watered. The Bible does not specifically tell us whether or not it had rained before the Flood. Noah seemed to understand what rain was when God mentioned it to him (Genesis 7:4-5). Genesis 2:4-6 mentions that God did not send rain on the earth until after He created Adam and Eve. We can speculate that it had rained before the Flood, but, again, the Bible does not specifically say.

    Recommended Resource: The Genesis Flood by Henry Morris and John Whitcomb.

    Headless Man

    Right on, thats what I was going to put up you saved me the trouble, thats also why people lived longer before the flood the “firmament" also keep the aging affects of the sun away.

    Ta Daren you have touched Gods Heart with your answer, as for me BiPaulie, all I was looking for is The Bible does not specifically tell us whether or not it had rained on the Earth before the flood I am so Glad you have not missunderstood me, also you have insite to answer.the bible does not specifically say however is it possible it mat have Snowed because how could one answer about the Polar bares?

    There must have been if the story is to be believed?...I wouldn`t personally be out there building that Goddammed(Excuse the lingo),ARK for nothing!!:-)

    I can't think of a reference off the top of my head but of course there was rain. How did Noah know what God was talking about?


    Ta Jhharlan for what I have read God spoke to Noha through an auidble voice telling him he was going to flood the Earth and Kill the earth of all its wickedness as for befor the Ark I cant seem to find any Reference to any rain I am not disputing what you are saying, as if there was an Ark, also if all the Animals did go into the Ark, then this suggests Polar Bares boarded the Ark also, to strengthen your answer of the trees providing an atmosphere which need water equals rain.
    As a child someone told me Before the flood there was no Rain, also the story of the Ark was nothing more than a children's bed time storie

    Colleen, bears don't wear clothes so they are bare, they are bare arsed bears.

    How did most of the animals not indigenous to the desert make it to the ark? If I remember correctly his sons went and gathered the animals after the ark was built. I think I read somewhere that it took just under 100 hundred years to build the ark and I forget how many years they had once it was finished to go around the world collecting all the animals. The prophesy of the flood was given 120 years prior to the event, so there was plenty of time to build the Ark and leave it sitting while they gathered animals from around the lands that they knew of. Not sure if they knew of polar bears back then but the bears could have survived by floating around on icebergs or something. They can go months without food so I guess it's possible. This of course is if you even believe the biblical tale. 

    Of course there was rain before the flood. People assume Noah built the ark in the desert. He couldn't have as there were trees enough around him to build the ark. Trees need rain in order to survive. 


    Please could you give refference in the Old testement of Rain before the Ark,?? All I am asking did ir Rain before the Ark, and what is the Refference? any other answer is Guff

    Dude, use your common sense, use your logic. I did that when I referenced that trees need water and the ark needed trees. Why does it matter if there was rain before the flood? Of course it rained, somewhere. The bible as you know does not give detailed accounts of anything. This is where logic and open minded thinking has to kick in. Can you handle that?

    OK, I think I get it now. You want to know if it was rain that caused the flood? Then you should have asked, Was it rain that caused the flood? Not, "did it rain before the flood?". Or course it had to have rained at some point, no time specific in the question. I do not believe it was rain that caused the flood.

    They obviously had far better weather warning than us then...Here we get a 5 day outlook..not often correct...Bring back the weather men/women who can predict the weather for more than 100 YEARS!!!;-))lol!!:-))


    hahahaha, millie

    Creationists believe that animals made their way to the Ark on land bridges and mats of floating vegetation. At the time of the Flood there were countries such as New Zealand and the Galapagos which had never been visited by humans, so how did  animals such as kiwis, moas and giant tortoises make their way to Mt Ararat, and back again after the waters receded? The whole creation story is myth and why anyone tries to believe it is beyond my understanding.

    Headless Man

    How do you know this, where you there if GOD told them to go thay went. How do animials know today when something is going to happen and head to the hills.

    Look Headless, animals don't believe in God and anyway, how could flightless birds such as moas and kiwis get to the Ark?
    I know, they were carried there by angels.
    Headless Man

    Could be I never thought of

    You have common sense nomdeplume, even the Polar Bares can testifie of Snow which at times may have been sleet

    I can't stand it anymore. Polar Bears, Not Polar Bares.

    Bare is no clothes.

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