What is YOUR definition of family? Why are people you consider "family" different from all others?

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    Family first and foremost is "blood". Those connected by birth are my clan and the closest to me, the people for whom I would do anything.

    Then, people I feel a close connection to outside of that immediate circle, I also consider "extended" family.

    It can be someone I've know for years, friends, co-workers, neighbours or a person with whom I have sympatico...just on the same wavelength and good vibes.

    Since I've been posting at the site, I've come to think of a good many of the members here as having incredibly good hearts and enjoy sharing laughter, fun and time with them.


    nB.."num" EQUALS mum!!..Just in case you hadn`t worked that one out!!Ooops sorry!:-)



    So, move it. I'll delete this for you.

    Those that love & respect me as much as I do them.

    Most of all,my wife,my 2 girls & the love of my life.(My 2 grand daughters)

    Family are those that I have grown up with, shared laughter, sadness and memories of those no longer with us, family are those I will love unconditionally and protect, are part of my life and always will be, my poor mum with dementia, I will always look after as she did me when I was young, my dad, and my very cherished 2 children and the 4 I fostered, though not blood related they will always be considered as my own. The only one I would exclude is my drug taking alcoholic, blood sucking sister of mine, I have finally given up on her, she doesn't want to be helped.


    That`s sad..I HOPE they sort themselves out!!:-Z

    I doubt it millie, we have tried for many years, and all she does is bleed us dry

    Family:  generally a group of people related by ancestry and/or marriage  (There were over a dozen definitions for "family" in my dictionary)
    For me, I have my sons and my mom.  There are a lot of other people I am related to by ancestry and/or marriage, so they would be "family".  I have two granddaughters and a soon-to-be grandson, and they are family.  Their mom is now family, even though there is no marriage connecting her; I claim her by default.  Now, does that make her parents, brother, and all her "related by ancestry and/or marriage" family as well?  This gets pretty widespread. I might be related to Umbriel, or Russ Rocks, or BiPaulie at this rate.  Help us all.  That can't be good.
    I'll go with the definition: the close "related" folk and intimate friends.   

    ed shank

    Bad avatar.

    BiPaulie has me freaked out. It knows too much about too many people. I'll change it when that S * B is outta here.

    My friends are my family b/c I have a very small family and what family members I have, don't pay any attention to me. They all live in another state, too.  I know people who have chlidren and grand-children right here, in this town, and they're still alone.! 

    ed shank

    Hang out with me.

    Blood, and those married to blood. The few "real" friends that I have are treated as family.

    Blood, and the line is shrinking. I have close friends but none of them are blood....

    My immediate family. Children, theire spouses and all my grandchildren. Cousins and theire family and some very close friends .Other people I dont know so well and not  as long as my family.



    Lovely and they are blessed!!:-)

    @ Bob/PKB: Umbriel and Russ?  I occasionally witness a little sibling rivalry between you all?

    Just kidding.  :)


    Sure seems like it. Childish behavior, mostly on my part. :o

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