Can I simply give my vehicle to a title pawn company and walk away

    Can't make the payments

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    3 Answers

    Why don't you just let the creditor take it? Sounds like you are going from the frying pan into the fire by pulling a stunt like that.  

    OR, try to get your payments reduced by extending the payment period. 

    The pawn shop won't take your car without a clear title! (as in a loan) Also be aware that if your car is repossessed you will still owe the money after the sale of the car-If your car sells for $1000.00 and you owe $1200.00 you are still responsible for the $200.00!

    You probably could depending on the value of the car (and clear title), there would be a lot of paperwork,  and as @Bob/PKB wrote, you can make arrangements with the pawn shot. Will cost you but at least you'll have a car.......

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