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    how do i  receive information on getting meals on wheels for my elderly parents


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    What town and state? Meal's on wheels should be listed in the phone book. Or try social services in their town. 

    Look under Community action Programs in your town. or call your local Senior Center, they would know.

    Meals on Wheels/ Council on Aging Silicon Valley - 408-296-8290 - Frozen Meals for microwaving

    Meals on Wheels/The Health - 1-800-505-3367/408-961-9870 - Home delivered Hot Meals.

    Hope this helps. God bless.


    It helps if they live in California.

    Our neighbors were signed up for Meals On Wheels in California. The food was inedible.  Be sure and check out just what your parents will be served. I know it's free and all but ....

    Some areas serve better meals on wheels than O`s....but I`M YET to meet anyone/patient etc..who has much positive to say about them in the UK...forgive me if I`m wrong..but often even if the food is of good is often luke warm and doesn`t always travel well..remember the delivery people have often many stops to deliver everyone`s food!..IT`S just my opinion!!:-z..BUT  have you thought of other alternatives...can you buy in healthy meals that your parent`s only have to heat up if that`s an option...can you/they fill the fridge with nice easy food and sandwiches...private companies may be expensive and not an option for their budget??..But often much nicer quality food...can neighbours help out ..can you cook nice nutritional meals that can  be easily heated or/and foods that such as quiches and shop bought deserts?? iF MEALS ON WHEELS are the only feasable option then so be it..but I`d explore ALL options as well!!!...I`M NOT A FOOD SNOB...i JUST THINK good food is a necessity as well as one of lifes pleasures!:-)

    good luck!Millie x


    I`LL probably get crucified for this answer..I just think old age can be bad enough and I`D like to think that the quality of food should be tempting..accessible and healthy!!:-z

    I can not give a good reply but every sunday i invite a person to my home for dinner maybe we all could think of others.  be cause of my remote area i seek them to 

    I get Meals on Wheels. The food is horrible, hideous and inedible. It's also depressing to know you're being slopped like the pigs. For instance, today, I had some really, really aldente ( read undercooked) spaghetti with something that looked like a tomato sauce? A section of canned carrots and something green that was masquerading as broccoli.

    My God. I have to wonder who/what is putting this together? Who are the "cooks"?

    I live alone and its really, really depressing.


    This is so sad, but could you not visit the reduced counter at your local supermarket? If you have mobility problems you could order on-line or ask a neighbour to take you.
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    That sucks , I get meals on wheels every luch time and a nurse to assist showering, they cook my food shop for me. Are you sure they can not offer you the same sort of assistance?

    I recently spent time in hospital in a rehabilitation ward with a lot of older people whom had strokes ect. the food there was disgusting no taste I ended up losing weight until I was put on a suppliment drink..

    @Nonplume and @Wonder...I`m really sad for you and everyone who doesn`t get a good and nutritious meal...Great @WD..that someone cooks you better meals..and great idea non..It`s JUST SO WRONG!!..It makes me want to take the next flight cooking`s not great ..(And comes with a health warning:-))...But I`M SURE i COULD DO BETTER THAN SOME O THEM!!;-)
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    In Australia I am lucky the services I have, food makes everyone feel warmth and no matter how sick you are a good feed can make you feel brighter that and the compaany of an animal..

    Do not pitty us help us get better services if you know someone whom gets meals on wheels offer them a plate of something you have had, that makes our days :)


    Miile, don't worry about me, I am married to a Frenchwoman so the nosh here is superb.

    @WD...I`m sorry I meant no offence!..I am just sickened by the meals on wheels/Government..who always put things down to lack of resources..but can find billions to fund wars ans O events!..We do include our neighbo(u)rs with meals,as often as possible..and try hard to look out for them...I just think that more should be done ..and yes by Os too! wasn`t meant to be pity..just shame re society..I kindda wrote it very wrong!:-¬
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    No need to be sorry , I didn't take your comment out of context :) .
    Its nice that people have concerns for the food others are provided. It takes a voice to change things and offerings are worth more than words can describe.

    Check out the Hairy Bikers they went through the UK meals on wheels and made better meals for people these programs have really taken off..
    It takes people to care :)

    Meals on Wheels is available through evans health , they can be contacted through Human resources or your local hospital.

    I am younger and get this service, but they cook for me I donot get slops like others so be clear about the service your mother requires thats if your in Australia ..

    I don`t know any links Bob...but any volunteering is brilliant and always very rewarding...(I do nights for Crisis at Xmas..homeless.just following Xm period..and I`ve learnt so much from the clients)!...Charity shops are always looking for helpers..or have you thought re animal rescue centres/centres..(American sp)!!;-)....Cat`s!!...I wish you luck you are such a kind lady!

    All the best to you,millie xx

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