Who Created The Phrase, "15 Minutes Of Fame"?

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    ANDY WARHALL... About as long as his fame lasted, same as his Dong !
    LOL, never liked that worm.

    Mark Knight



    the guy with 14min 59sec. to live

    16 Answers

    andy warhol

    You can read about Andy Warhol here


    You Are Correct!

    Andy Warhol was an oddity. He was also pivotal in the 'destruction' of the aesthetic sense of beauty. Similarly, Warhol's 'thirst for money' was the embodiment of commercialism.

    I thought it was John Walsh or was that 15 minutes of shame?

    and he was a nut case

    it should of said 5 minutes of fame because some very infamous people like Ted Bundy purely on crcumstance.

    When Andy was popular, he often got invited to colleges to speak, not his cup of tea. He devised to send a double, which he did. When the story got out and schools demanded their money back, Andy said that the double knew more about what they wanted to hear than he did (The customer is always right). When he did get back and they asked him if he was Andy Warhol, he said, "No."

    No way, dudes. Andy Warhol was an artist! Dude, he was so cool. I can promise you, he was like a god.

    Is "what you see is what you get"? With Warhol, all was surface. Marilyn Monroe is beautiful. That's all you need to know. This font is NY Times, or whatever. Think of make-up, cosmetics, as the cosmos; it's everything you see. People complain about speech or writing being flowery, as if not pertaining to some essence. Warhol was not an intellectual. He simply saw the attraction of the superficial: hair, sunglasses, tatoos, Campbell soup cans, Marilyn Monroe.

    Andy warhol said we all get 15min's of fame, but i say some have longer in the limelight than others!

    andy warhol said " in the future everyone will be famous for only 15 minutes" so pams answer is correct, the biography of Andy is a pretty good book and gives a good insight into the pre aids zeitgeist.

    "FAME" not at all its cracked up to be (HRH ELIZEBETH II)

    i only got one quarter of an hours worth of fame so obviously i got ripped gjonesesq

    Sorry about the chaos, everybody thought I was dead, didn't they?

    The last n@@@@@@ on Urth, starring Tom Hanks?

    Eff all of you M@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    They can't take A Effinf joke, can they?

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