do i get a manual for a 1997 dodge ram truck

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    3 Answers you can buy one :)

    First of all I you are not mechanically inclined and good with tools and your hands, pay someone to do it for you. If that is not a option then get the repair manual for you model vehicle. Chiltons is a good source for this. These manuals can be found at any automotive store and are not real expensive. I believe you can also go online and download the manual for your vehicle.

    Study what it is you are going to do very carefully and read the section of the manual pertaining to what it is that you want to do. Raise the hood and study the engine and the positioning of various parts. There will be a procedure for removal, relplacement of parts, and reassembley. Study this very carefully. If you have mechanical ability, can read and follow instructions you can do this. If special tools are needed, check with you local parts house, sometimes they will have toolos for rent, if not go to a tool rental business.

    Remember Read, Observe, Plan and Execuite. Be observant of the removal process., where each part  is located and especially bolts (length, size etc). Eerything has a place in the mechanical order parts left over such as washers, nuts and bolts means you messed up. Be careful. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!

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