need the radio unlock code for 1990 xjs .

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    Try this code: 44325 it may work if not do as below :)


    The radio code should be on a credit card which is in the car's documentation
    If you don't have the code then contact your local Jaguar dealer, they should be able to look up the code on their computer using the VIN

    Once you have the number......

    Turn the key in the ignition until the warning lights shoe
    Switch on the radio by turning the on/of knob clockwise
    The radio should be blank
    Enter the 4 digit code using the preset buttons.

    If an incorrect code has been entered......

    Hold the CATS button for at least 3 seconds, the number should disappear
    Enter the correct number

    You only have 3 goes to get it right - if you've entered 3 incorrect numbers you'll need to contact your Jaguar dealer to find out how to release the radio,. This may involve:

    - disconnecting the battery
    - reconnecting the battery
    - running the car for at least an hour
    - repeating the steps above
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