Using a phone while driving, without a "hands-free" device is illegal where I live (NY).

    Despite this, I see many drivers doing it; I'm as angry as heck. How about where you drive?

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    Same applies in Australia, if we are on a phone in a car we must be parked with the hand brake on.

    What is sad is there is a number 2 out of 6 accidents in Australia are related to text messaging or phone usage in the car.

    The thing is now they have hands free , lots of devices where you can use your car to talk, there is no need for people to hold there handsets.

    I think people forget the golden rule on the roads concentrate on the road..


    It's illegal here too.

    I don't see people on their phones as much as I used to,

    though it seems that people with darker tinted windows

    are the ones who are still yakking away.

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