Don Land is hosting a Hate Page! Anti- Semite and rude to Jews. How do I block him on facebook.

    He is running hartred from his page and as A Jew. I Protest! Strongly! How do I block and repost this nasty person?

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    We are not Facebook.

    4 Answers Try to contact Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, in addition. He's Jewish.


    You are a good and kind man and believe as I do: " Judge Not lest yea Be Judged." I can never thank you enough. Peace and Love are my only Goals. No time for: Aggravation. Hugs Lindee Channah Leibovitz.

    Lindee: By the way, I'm also Jewish.

    join wipeout homophobia on facebook and show the guy the page some how they know how to get people to report and it will be removed , you have to report the page , but Im not sure if you can block it but get everyone you know to report it ...

    Facebook has some really strange pages :(


    How do I block hate Pages wonderdyke Karma? I detest Hatred and live for Love and Peace. "We all bleed red." Equality for ALL!
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    Where the astrix is click on that and report.

    Thank you Colleen. This answered my question in every way. Many Blessings Come your way, my dear lady. Hugs Lindee Channah Leibovitz. 

    HOW  DO I BLOCK A HATE PAGE? PLease as Facebook is complex. Help stop Hate Pages Please?



    People are answering you, stop posting and read their answers. You can not block a page. Just unsubscribe from it and do not go to it again. You can click "report page" before you leave it.

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