How many of you drivers out there ALWAYS come to a FULL STOP at a stop sign?

    I don't mean a "rolling stop", but a FULL STOP. If you don't, why not?

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    I do, i would be too afraid not to.The traffic on the roads these days is too intense, better to be safe than sorry.


    Years ago, one of my friends got booked for not stopping at a stop sign in Fairfield. It was late at night no traffic. Of course there was a policeman somewhere nearby and he was booked.
    The policeman said even if there is no traffic, you must stop.

    I like to come to a full stop and double check before pulling out. In some circumstances things change fast, and I like giving myself that second chance to correct a potential disaster if I missed something.

    I actually do stop , I had a bad experience when I was a learner driver.

    I watched someone drive straight through a stop sign and T-bone a car.

    So I stop look left , look right, look left again , we have top stop for 3 seconds in Oz .. What is 3 seconds?


    I'm a bit confused. I'm in the US and we drive on the opposite side of the road than you do. Wouldn't the traffic in the immediate lane in front of you be coming from your right in most cases, except for one-way streets? If so, wouldn't you look to your right first?
    Deleted User

    Yeah look left then right sorry :)) ..
    there was a road safety song stop at the curb look to the left , look to the right look to the left again then if the road is clear of traffic , walk straight across the road dont run, walk straight across the road. Keep left unless over taking so yes we look right :)

    I am not aware of the 3 seconds, only know you have to come to a complete stop,unless you live in Victoria,they sort of make the rules up as they go
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    NSW its a 3 second rule , lol .
    WA driver can not merge or keep left.
    VIC drivers they can not use a round about, or drive with trams.
    NT drivers they just do not have a speed limit and don't indicate:)
    SA drivers do not indicate and on the open road they speed :)
    QLD can't help it there roads are confusing, where is the turn off?..
    Yet to drive in Tassie :)

    Three seconds is the difference between life and death/serious injury. It's the least we can do for ourselves and others. Good for you. :D

    I always come to a full stop and check both directions also.

    It's always automatic for me, the same as putting on my seat belt and 

    always signalling to change lanes. Wow...a lot of "always"!  lol

    ALWAYS when I drove. My mom got a ticket for not doing so, I learned early.....

    Never especially driving a truck stop signs are more of a suggestion rather than a commandment.............


    Oh, the "bad-boy" stuff? lol
    ed shank

    Too funny.

    AAAaaar, I hope you don't drive in oz!!!been six killed at an intersection in the little town I live in with the cane trucks

    You are in Boston, right? Just so I'm extra careful next time I'm there...........

    Oh, a suggestion- just like the speed limit..... Watch for the cameras!

    In all honesty I rally do stop at all the stop signs,rule of thumb..stop,laugh and proceed..

    Oh LORD!!!:-)

    I always do. I am too afraid not to. There is a lot of traffic this time of the year. Right now its Motorcycle week. Its crazy out there.

    I do when I'm driving on a public road. However, I live in a private community and nobody stops completely for a stop sign here. Police are not allowed in the community, so tickets of any kind are non-existent.


    like a commune?
    ed shank

    No, a gated community. Eliminates unwanted visitors.

    The gate is the only thing missing where I live. That, and foliage to cover the wrought iron that surrounds the pool area. EVERYONE can see me in my swimsuit just by looking out the window. One look should blind them.

    Bob/PKB: Reegarding the swimsuit, send us a picture anyway!

    We'll see. LOL
    ed shank

    I'll bet there's no seeing eye dogs near the pool.

    Ed: The "dogs remark" is hysterical!

    What would I do without you all! XO

    Always, I remeber being told about it when I took my test and it's always stuck in my mind.


    COOL ANSWER!!...Yep once you get changes the ball game!.It took that for me!!...jumping the red lights on bicycle=Big fine!!:-(


    I'll read everyone else's answers later.  YES,  I ALWAYS COME TO A FULL STOP, and wait, looking BOTH ways (and ahead of me) MORE THAN ONCE. 
    WHY?  Mostly, the "failure to come to a complete stop" citation I got several years ago.  And, there is no good reason to disobey that law.   


    @ed..the gate does or your driving does??!!;-0

    Referring to your comment to me- I only roll when I have a clear view and I do watch those intersections that are known for people running stop signs! I've seen it happen too many times! By the way in 50 years of driving I've never been in an accident or gotten a traffic ticket!

    I got a ticket for this violation last month. 


    I find that watching others roll through, run red lights, and so on, is barely tolerable after having received my citation (20+ years ago).

    I can't say always! If I can see in both directions quite far I might roll. Also if snow is deep,I might roll. Most of my driving is country roads. I also brake for all animals!


    Much of my driving is country, too, which means I am more careful to stop completely because of trees and vines which often block the view of traffic. I even slow down when approaching an intersection where the cross traffic is SUPPOSED to stop; too many times someone runs the sign and there have been serious, deadly accidents.

    sounds like you DO have a clue, clu! Thanks for taking care of yourself!

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